Travel is Life is a destination for travelers and travel enthusiasts like you to come together, learn something new, and share their love of travel. My mission is to translate the passion you and I share for traveling into a valuable community, online shop, and travel resource.

Whether you’ve backpacked through Central America, road tripped across the USA, business traveled to Asia, or vacationed in Europe–if you love to travel as much as me, I know you’ll find something at Travel is Life to enjoy.

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You may travel solo sometimes, but you’re never alone.

Travelers are a worldwide community within communities. And for that reason, I choose to give back to ours. A portion of all net profits from the website are donated to the Travel is Life Study Abroad Scholarship which helps afford high school and college students the opportunity to study abroad.

About Travel is Life

  • Created for travelers by travelers
  • Founded in Dec 2015
  • Relaunched in Jan 2017
  • Currently Headquartered somewhere in the Philippines(changes often)
  • Our journey is the destination.

Thank you for being here (wherever you are). If there’s anything I can do for you, contact me, or e-mail [email protected]

Happy Travels!