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Thank you for being here, wherever you are in the world. My name is Paul Drecksler and I founded Travel is Life because, like you, I love to travel, talk about traveling, and think about traveling – especially about where I'm going next. I also love building businesses and discovering new technology. I hope to bring you the best of these worlds on TravelisLife.org by introducing you to exciting new technology that benefits your life as an active traveler. Whether you've backpacked through Central America, road tripped across the USA, business traveled to Asia, lived and worked as a digital nomad around the world, or vacationed in Europe – I know you'll find something at Travel is Life to enjoy.

You may travel solo sometimes, but you're never alone. Travelers are a worldwide community within communities. And for that reason, I choose to give back to ours. A portion of all net profits from the website are donated to the Travel is Life Study Abroad Scholarship which helps afford high school and college students the opportunity to study abroad. Traveling can change a young person's life and I hope to provide that experience for as many students as possible in my lifetime.

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About Travel is Life

TravelisLife.org was created for travelers by travelers. It was founded in Dec 2015 as a t-shirt shop and relaunched in Jan 2017 as an online publication and travel resource. We're currently headquartered in Asheville NC but that changes often.

Who's written for you?

Meet some of the writers who have contributed articles to Travel is Life. Want to join this roster of talent? Contact me about submitting a piece.

Jon Santangelo

Jon’s been “accidentally” in Asia since 2009. Upon graduating during the Recession, Jon left USA for opportunities in Beijing, and stayed for 6 years. Now he co-runs a wedding travel startup in Manila & Shenzhen. He’s big on fitness, marketing, and just getting outdoors.

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Liz Richardson

Liz teaches English online while traveling the world and blogging about her adventures. Previously, she traveled with non-profits around the globe to help tell their story. And recently, she was published on National Geographic’s website and also in print with Market Watch Magazine.

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Chris Backe

Chris Backe writes about weird, offbeat destinations and life as a long-term traveler. He’s also the author of over 20 books and itineraries on popular travel destinations around the world. Follow along with Chris and his world adventures at One Weird Globe.

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Mary Charie

Mary is a traveler and a blogger over at A Mary Road. Torn between her itchy feet and writing, Mary found herself soaking up in the world of travel blogging. She travels in her own terms and tries to build her own world whilst pushing herself into every corner of life, breaking limit beyond her capabilities.

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Paul Drecksler

And of course you know me, Paul Drecksler! The man with the plan and lead writer over at Travel is Life with over 80 articles and counting. I won't list them all right here but click the link below to check out my recent posts and see what kind of travel excitement you can get yourself into. Thanks again for being here, wherever you are in the world.

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