Where do all the flowers come from?

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Join me at “El Cultivo Casa Loma” in Santa Elena, Colombia where I discover just where exactly all those FLOWERS come from on Valentine's Day?

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Special thanks to Libia Alzate, Federico Alzate Zapata, and Andrea Velez for making this one possible in time for Valentine's Day. Give it a share if you learned something new and have a Happy Valentine's Day! 💞

Video Transcript

Did you know that every year for Valentine's Day over 75% of the flowers in United States are imported from none other then Colombia?

But where exactly does their journey begin?

“Estamos en El Cultivo Casa Loma. Mi nombre es Libia Alzate y mis flores son las hortencias.”

Every year Libia and her family export over 50,000 flowers from her farm in Santa Elena. And most of them end up right here in USA.

Libia sells a dozen flowers to a company for 9000 pesos or about $3 USD, who import the flowers to the USA, sell them to a retailer, who turns around and sells them to you for anywhere from $25 to $100 a dozen.

These hortencias take about 6 months to grow from stump to plant to full grown plant, and then another 30 days to go from this, to this, to this, to this, to full bloom flower. And then a few days later to this.

And she is only one of hundred of farms in Colombia who collectively export over a billion dollars of flowers to the USA every year.

So next time you receive flowers on Valentines Day, you probably got a little bit of Colombia in your heart!

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