The Ultimate List of Travel Related Hashtags for Instagram Marketing

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As I build Travel is Life into a one-of-a-kind resource for travelers, I'm also focusing on building my Instagram following (@travelislifeorg) because I realize how powerful of a platform Instagram is for engaging with travelers. And like you, I've already read all the generic Instagram marketing guides online – including all the “pro tips” like putting your hashtags in the first comment and posting during peak usage time. And I'm assuming you've already read all that stuff too, so this article isn't about that.

Instead, I'm going to share something extremely valuable with you that I put a lot of time and energy into creating. It's The Ultimate List of Travel Related Hashtags for Instagram Marketing.

For the life of me, I could not find anything like this online, or any software to help me create it. So I had to build it myself, by hand, one hashtag at a time. If you're a travel blogger, own a travel company, or have a travel related brand, you're going to love this spreadsheet I created for you. Okay, well, technically I created it for me. But I'd have to be real selfish to keep something like this to myself… There's enough travel love on Instagram to go around for all of us!

About the list of travel hashtags

For this list of over 1500 travel hashtags, I focused on hashtags that are versatile enough to use on any travel photo, regardless of location. For example, you'll find the hashtag #explore but not #explorasheville. You'll find #travelmore but not #travelasia. And you'll find #wanderlusting but not #wanderingeurope.

The majority of the list can be used on any travel photo, but I've categorized select hashtags that are best used for Female Travelers, Male Travelers, Couples, Solo Travelers, Families, and photos with Kids or Babies. I've also included some popular branded travel hashtags as well as hashtags for specific days of the week like #traveltuesday and #wanderlustwednesday. There's a category for Food, Travel Blogging, Art, Backpackers, Budget Travel, Coffee, Travel Businesses, Fashion, Family Travel, Friends, Travel Info, GoPro Photos, Outdoors, Traveling with Pets, Religious Travel, and more.

Lastly, there's a category for Expired hashtags like #adventure2016 and #vacation2k15. I've included those so that you can get an idea of potential travel hashtags for the year “2017” (which there's a separate category for too).

How to use this list

The Ultimate List of Travel Related Hashtags was created as a shortcut for when you need to hashtag your travel photos but don't have time to do specific hashtag research for each individual photo.

The best way to use this list is to create your own “Bundles” of 20-25 hashtags that you can copy/paste onto a photo for quick posting. Typically I will hashtag a photo with my own branded hashtag, one or two location specific hashtags, and a few hashtags describing what's in the photo – placing only 6-8 hashtags in the actual photo description. Then for my first comment, I'll copy/paste one of my pre-made hashtag bundles. I keep my bundles saved in my Google Keep app but you could use whatever note taking app you like or even store them in an e-mail. Here's an example of one of my Instagram posts. Click the comments to see one of my hashtag bundles in action.

By now I hope you're starting to realize how powerful this list will be for your Instagram marketing. If not, here's a few examples of Top Hashtags for Instagram Travelers that you'll find on the full list.

Top 20 Travel Hashtags for Instagram (by volume)

Hashtag Volume Category
travel 147,000,000
vacation 50,212,000
trip 45,086,000
wanderlust 33,037,000
adventure 33,000,000
travelgram 31,749,000
instatravel 29,577,000
wanders 25,924,000
gopro 25,648,000 GoPro
traveling 24,111,000
explore 22,388,000
paradise 18,902,000
travelling 18,148,000
go 11,947,000
tourist 11,816,000
travelphotography 10,168,000
tour 9,425,000 Tours
travelingram 9,281,000
traveler 9,209,000
neverstopexploring 8,853,000

As you know though, using the top hashtags with millions of uses may not be the best idea. You'll often get better exposure from mid-level hashtags with volume in the tens or hundreds of thousands (which you'll find on the list) because there's a better chance you'll get found.

Top 20 Instagram Hashtags for Female Travelers

Ladies – are you growing your travel Instagram account? You may find the Female Traveler category helpful. Here's a sneak peak at that.

Hashtag Volume Category
travelgirl 538,000 Female Travelers
wearetravelgirls 301,000 Female Travelers
girlswhotravel 224,000 Female Travelers
sheisnotlost 196,000 Female Travelers
goprogirl 132,000 Female Travelers
ladiesgoneglobal 129,000 Female Travelers
travelista 121,000 Female Travelers
thetravelwoman 59,000 Female Travelers
blessedgirl 54,000 Female Travelers
adventuregirl 45,000 Female Travelers
traveletting 44,000 Female Travelers
wanderess 42,000 Female Travelers
travelgirls 41,000 Female Travelers
goprogirls 40,000 Female Travelers
adventuregirls 39,000 Female Travelers
tourista 25,000 Female Travelers
travelette 25,000 Female Travelers
travelinggirl 23,000 Female Travelers
wanderwoman 21,000 Female Travelers
nomada 17,000 Female Travelers
travelbeauty 12,000 Female Travelers

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for Male Travelers

Guys – I'd never leave you out? There's a Male Traveler category too.

Hashtag Volume Category
traveldudes 121,000 Male Travelers
travelingman 39,000 Male Travelers
journeyman 34,000 Male Travelers
goproerman 30,000 Male Travelers
travelboy 19,000 Male Travelers
travelguy 11,000 Male Travelers
travelman 8,000 Male Travelers
nomadbrotherhood 6,000 Male Travelers
wanderboy 3,000 Male Travelers
journeymen 3,000 Male Travelers

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for Solo Travelers

Are you traveling solo? Me too! The Solo Traveler category will help you connect with other travelers like you.

Hashtag Volume Category
solotravel 792,000 Solo
solotraveler 270,000 Solo
solotraveller 150,000 Solo
exploresolo 147,000 Solo
travelalone 146,000 Solo
travealone 146,000 Solo
travelingalone 48,000 Solo
expeditionone 27,000 Solo
solotravels 26,000 Solo
solotraveling 19,000 Solo

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for Traveling with Kids & Babies

Traveling with children? You're so brave – but you're definitely not alone. The Kids category will get your photos found by other traveling parents.

Hashtag Volume Category
travelwithkids 336,000 Kids
travelwithkids 335,000 Kids
travelwithbaby 25,000 Kids
travelkids 22,000 Kids
travelbaby 19,000 Kids
adventurekids 16,000 Kids
travelingbaby 15,000 Kids
adventurebaby 13,000 Kids
travelwithchildren 13,000 Kids
adventuresinparenting 9,000 Kids

Download The Full List of Travel Hashtags

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After you've had time to check out the list, come back here and let me know what you think in the comments section below. Questions, suggestions, and ideas for improvement are all welcome.

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  1. kyenna jensen

    Google Keep! Thank you so much for recommending it. I have a Google Pixel and it was already installed on my phone, but I never used it. Oh my god, now that has changed! I use it all of the time. The first thing I used it for was making handy Instagram hashtag lists which have been invaluable. Thank you so much!

    • Paul @ Travel is Life

      You’ve got the Google Pixel! I’m super jealous. I can’t get a hold of one until March it seems. I’m in Ecuador right now and I want to switch to Project Fi but it only works with the Pixel and Nexus phones. Actually, I want the phone anyway even if I stick with Verizon. I’ve heard great things from my friends who have it.

      You’re welcome for the Google Keep recommendation. I use it religiously. Eventually those notes go into more permanent places on my computer, but everything starts in Google Keep. I’ve tried Evernote (used to be a big user back when it first came out years ago), and Microsoft OneNote, but they are all too bloated. Nothing works as simply as Google Keep for my needs. Thanks for visiting!


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