She Retired At 43 To Travel The World

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Are you ready to retire early and travel the world? Today you're going to learn the incredible and inspiring story of one woman who did! You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Meet Bonnie Truax – she retired at 43 years old to travel the world with her husband Trin. She DID NOT come from a wealthy family. She DID NOT walk into a six-figure job straight out of college. But she DID make her fair share of financial mistakes early on.

Bonnie and Trin - 43BlueDoors

This couple lived frugally on only 25% of their income for many years, putting the rest into savings, which they eventually had enough of to buy real estate. They now live off the rental income of their investment properties and travel the world having adventures the rest of us can only dream about. (No joke – she just got back from an expedition cruise to Antarctica!)

Bonnie at Antarctica

This is a story of delayed gratification, financial freedom, and world travel. It's a must watch video for any young couples planning their financial futures. I hope that you share it with your friends who would love to retire early and travel, but think that they've got to either be born rich or become high earners to make that happen. Bonnie and Trin prove otherwise.

I met Bonnie online through Travel is Life Creators – which is a private community of travel bloggers, vloggers, and influencers who have a desire to grow their online presence while simultaneously helping others do the same. We've known each other online for almost a year and she's been one of the most positive and supportive people I've ever encountered. When we met in person to shoot this video, it was like two old friends getting together again instead of two people meeting for the first time.

Paul and Bonnie

You can learn more about Bonnie & Trin's story over at

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