These convenient collapsible travel cups will help you ditch single use cups for good

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Sustainable travel is a hot topic right now, and with good reason. As a person that takes a fair amount of flights I’m conscious of doing everything I can to offset my carbon footprint in any way that I can. One of the easiest things a traveler can do to be greener is to ditch single use cups, bottles, and straws.

Taking my own cup to my favorite coffee place might not have the power to change the world, but if we all do our bit we could make a significant impact. That’s why today’s list is designed to help you find the best collapsible travel cup.

#1) Stojo On The Go Coffee Cup

STOJO Collapsible Travel Cup - Ink Black, 12oz / 355ml - Leak-Proof Reusable To-Go Pocket Size Silicone Bottle for Hot & Cold Drinks - Camping & Hiking - Dishwasher Safe - No Straw Included
6,696 Reviews
STOJO Collapsible Travel Cup - Ink Black, 12oz / 355ml - Leak-Proof Reusable To-Go Pocket Size Silicone Bottle for Hot & Cold Drinks - Camping & Hiking - Dishwasher Safe - No Straw Included
  • Collapsible cup: It’s literally never been easier (or more fun) to bring your own reusable cup!...
  • Handles both hot & cold: Whether it’s hot tea or iced lattes, Stojo’s food-grade premium...
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe: Yup, you’re welcome. To clean your Stojo, place it on the top rack...

I’m starting this list with my favorite collapsible coffee cup – Stojo’s On The Go Coffee Cup. This safe and sustainable cup is super stylish and comes in soft color options that will complement your luggage (the classic white design is my top pick). Even the packaging is cute, which means a Stojo cup would make a great gift for travelers.

Stojo cups come in a range of sizes, from 8oz (236 ml) up to 24oz (710ml). All models are made from food-grade, BPA-free recyclable materials, and are microwave safe. Stojo also sells collapsible water bottles which are ideal for using at the gym or on hikes.

#2) DARUNAXY Collapsible Travel Cup

DARUNAXY Collapsible Travel Cup - 1 Pack Silicone Folding Camping Cup Sport Bottle with Lids - Expandable Scald-Proof Drinking Cup - 19 OZ Portable Bottle (Black)
  • â—Ź[Product Information]- The size of cups before folding is 2.16*2.16*3.18 inches and after folding...
  • â—Ź[Tips]- First, the cup is not completely adiabatic, so we do not recommend filling it with very...
  • â—Ź[Safe Material & New Upgrade Version]- We increase one more collapsible layer to enlarge the...

The 19oz (562ml) Collapsible Travel Cup from DARUNAXY is big enough to fit either the equivalent of your averaged sized water bottle, or a small Jamba Juice, whichever you prefer. The entire cup folds down to just 2.16 inches when not in use, which is ideal for coffee-lovers that like to pack light. The minimal black design means that it can easily double as a home or office cup when you’re not out on the road.

DARUNAXY cups are constructed from non-toxic FDA-approved materials, are non-staining, easy to clean, and extremely durable. They also come with a D-shape hiking hook so you can hang it on the outside of your bag to save space inside.

#3) Crenics Collapsible Travel Cup (Set of 2)

Crenics Collapsible Travel Cup - 2 Pack Silicone Folding Camping Cup Sport Bottle with Lids - Expandable Scald-Proof Drinking Cup - Portable Bottle with 2 Straws
  • ➤ [Product Information] - 2 pack travel cups come with 2 straws.
  • ➤ [Tips]- First, please make sure the lid and hole are totally sealed after the cup is full of...
  • ➤ [Material]- This collapsible travel cup added a anti-scald ring for safety. Besides, we increase...

If you’re traveling with a friend or partner, this set of two Crenics Collapsible Travel Cups is a great choice. The package comes with one muted gray and one teal cup. Each one can hold up to 19oz (550ml) of liquid.

The button lid is designed to be leak-free so you can take it on bumpy road trips without worrying about spills. The anti-scald ring is a great safety feature to prevent burning your hands when the cup is filled with hot liquid. The cups also come with stainless steel straws, straw-cleaning brushes, and a hiking hook.

#4) Bakerpan Silicone Travel Cup

Bakerpan Silicone Travel Collapsible Camping Cup, Mug with Lid, 9 oz (Gray)
  • LFGB Approved 100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free
  • Collapsible Cup with lid great for traveling - Non insulated
  • Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe

Bakerpan’s Silicone Travel Cup design is a fun new take on the usual foldable telescopic design that you’re seeing a lot on this list. This cute cup has a wider design and a practical handle. It comes in four pastel tones and each one will look great for your morning coffee run.

The FDA and LFGB approved silicone is safe for use in microwaves, ovens, freezers, and dishwashers, and it can handle temperatures from -40 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The only available size is 9oz (266ml) so if you need a lot of coffee to get going in the morning this option might not be the best for you.

#5) ME.FAN Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup

ME.FAN Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup - Silicone Folding Camping Cup with Lids - Expandable Drinking Cup Set - Portable, Graduated [9.22oz]
  • Health Materials: The collapsible travel cup made of food grades silicone, offered stainless steel...
  • Ultrathin Folding Design and Portable: Update the collapsible design, space saving and only 0.59In...
  • Outstanding Performance: Can be hung on the bag of a connective hand rope and portable hook. - Easy...

ME.FAN’s Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup is the best compact travel cup in terms of compactness. Folding down to just 0.59 inches when not in use, you’ll easily be able to squeeze this cup into your carry-on luggage. The 9.22oz (273ml) capacity is the trade-off for this compactness, which is why I specifically like this design for camping trips where I can easily top up my cup with tea from the stove.

The cups are available in four colors and they all come with a lid to keep any mess inside the cup and not all over your bag after use. The lid is also handily attached to the cup to keep the two parts together, and the strap can be used to attach the cup to your bag.

#6) YunKo Collapsible Cups (Set of 4)

YunKo’s set of four Collapsible Cups is my favorite travel cup set for families. The four brightly-colored cups are a cheap and cheerful option that is perfect for beach days and camping trips. The 5.8oz (170ml) capacity is great for kids’ juice drinks (less liquid to spill can only be a good thing) but they’re also capable of holding hot tea and coffee: albeit not a lot of it.

Safety is paramount with this set of travel cups which is why they’re made of FDA-approved 100% food-grade silicone. The simple design makes the cups easy to clean, and the silicone won’t get sticky after use.

#7) BO XIN Collapsible Travel Mug

No products found.

The Collapsible Travel Mug from BO XIN is another great option for style-conscious travelers. The three color options (gray, brown and black) all look great, the handle is a nice touch, and the option to fold it into a teacup shape really appeals to me. (I’m English, so obviously I love tea.)

The addition of a reusable straw and a lid adds an element of practicality to the mug, but it’s worth noting that the lid isn’t watertight so spills are possible if you’re not careful. The smooth interior makes it easy to clean and the silicone doesn’t stain so you could also use it for soup. The 10oz capacity provides plenty of space for an afternoon cup of Earl Grey tea, but it wouldn’t be ideal if you like to start your morning with a supersize filter coffee.

#8) Enlovement Silicone Reusable Collapsible Cups (Set of 2)

No products found.

This set of two Silicone Reusable Collapsible Cups comes with everything you could possibly need for sustainable drinks on the go. These eco-friendly 9oz (270ml) cups are made from odorless, durable silicone, and are completely safe and FDA-approved.

The included straws are flexible and foldable and can be packed away into a little carry case to keep them clean when not in use. Their portability means that you can also use them with other drinks to avoid single-use straws in bars, restaurants, and cafes. The kit also comes with two cleaning brushes so you can ensure last night’s G&T is thoroughly scrubbed off before using the straws again for your morning ice tea.

#9) AGAWA Stainless Steel Telescopic Folded Mug

No products found.

If plastic or silicone isn’t your thing, this Stainless Steel Telescopic Folded Mug from AGAWA is a great alternative option. These metal cups are designed to last and are incredibly durable and hard-wearing.

The metal finish means that they’re not ideal for hot drinks, but drinking a chilled beer at the beach or in a campervan feels much nicer out of a steel cup like this than a silicone option. The telescopic design is lightweight and folds up nicely, and the lid has a keyring on it so you can easily attach your cup to your daypack. The 8oz (240ml) capacity is pretty limiting, though, if you like your drinks big.

#10) SCMAuto Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup

SCMAuto’s Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup is another solid option for travelers in need of a compact drinks receptacle. The adjustable capacity can accommodate between 8.5 (250ml) and 17oz (55ml) which is great for covering all bases on vacation or backpacking trips.

The metal rim stabilizes the cup and makes it easier to hold, and the screw-on lid has air vents and a stopper but is completely leak-proof. The exterior of the cup is scald-proof and is also designed in a way that would allow you to add a logo or design, making it a great customizable travel cup option.

#11) Beyond Photos All You Need is Love and More Coffee Cup

All you need is love and more coffee Collapsible Coffee Cup Travel Mug
107 Reviews
All you need is love and more coffee Collapsible Coffee Cup Travel Mug
  • All you need is love and more coffee to survive in this world, and this reusable coffee cup makes...
  • This cup is durable, leak-proof, and it collapses into an airtight, completely sealed disc that can...
  • The food grade silicone is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up and microwave safe for convenience....

Looking for a gift for a traveling coffee lover? This All You Need is Love and More Coffee Cup from Beyond Photos is a fantastic option. The classic black design will appeal to a wide range of tastes, and the white text on the side of the cup cleverly reveals itself as the cup is expanded. The cup can hold 12oz (340ml) of liquid which is a decent amount compared to many of the other options on the market.

As is the case with all of the silicone travel cups on this list, the construction material is food-grade and completely safe. The lid and center-band are insulated to protect you from accidental burns and the lid design is completely leak-proof so you won’t end up with coffee all over your luggage.

#12) Valourgo Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup

2 Pcs Cup
  • Nice Design- Portable for office
  • Handy - Nice fishion color to choose
  • BPA Free - It is non-toxic, BPA free

Valourgo’s Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup is another great option for outdoor activities, travel, and commuting. The extendable design can be used as a 7oz (200ml), 10.5oz (300ml), 12oz (350ml), or 14oz (400ml), and it comes in two colorways: blue and brown.

The insulated sleeve keeps your hands safe and the lid has been molded into a practical shape to fit your mouth and prevent any spills. The hiking hook is another practical touch, and the reusable straw will ensure that you’re always eco-friendly whenever you’re out and about.

#13) Ieasycan Stainless Steel Collapsible Travel Cups (Set of 3)

Get A Set Of 3 Collapsible Cup - Lightweight & Compact Stainless Steel Foldable Cup To Elevate Your Journeys - Ultimate Folding Cup Is Perfect For Travelers, Campers & Worker
  • Looking for a fun and convenient way to enjoy your favorite beverages on-the-go? Look no further...
  • Discover the ultimate beverage solution with the collapsible cup - a premium quality, durable, and...
  • The folding cup now features an even more space-saving design! At only 0.7 inches tall when...

The second plastic-free option on our list is ieasycan’s set of three Stainless Steel Collapsible Travel Cups. This is a great set to add to your camping kit, or to your daypack if you’re a keen hiker.

These cups can accommodate up to 8.2oz (242ml) of liquid each, and every one has its own protective cover to stop any drips after use. The stainless steel finish means that this set isn’t recommended for hot drinks, but that doesn’t stop them being a great option for water, juice, or something a little stronger.

#14) Aeroway Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup

The final entry on my list of the best collapsible travel cup and cup sets is Aeroway’s Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup. This 16oz (473ml) cup has one of the better capacities on the market, but it still folds down to just 2 inches making it perfectly portable.

The food-grade silicone is capable of handling temperatures from -100 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit which will cover you for any possible (and many impossible) situations, and the cup cover will prevent liquids from spilling when you’re on the go.

What other products help you reduce your environmental impact?

That’s the end of my list of the best collapsible travel cup options on the market. What other products do you travel with to reduce your impact on the environment? Let me know in the comments.

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