Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular

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Join me in Louisville KY at this year's Jack O' Lantern Spectacular, a 1/4 mile outdoor trail made up of over 5000 illuminated jack o' lanterns! For the past six years, a team of pumpkin carving Halloween aficionados have transformed Iroquois Park into a Halloween fanatic's dream… or nightmare!!! You can also watch and share this video on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Paul at Jack O Lantern Spectacular

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular began in Oxford, Massachusetts in 1988 and came to Louisville in 2012. This show marks their 6th year in Iroquois Park with 5,000 carved pumpkins lining a ÂĽ-mile walking trail. The show runs daily Oct 9 to Nov 4 from dusk to 11pm during the week and 12pm on Friday / Saturday, although check the dates and hours of operation on their website before you go because they might change slightly year to year.

It's a family friendly event, and not one that will scare your children. There are definitely plenty of spooky themed pumpkin designs, but overall it’s not a haunted Halloween exhibit at all. You’ll also find hundreds of pumpkin designs from classic literature, music, pop culture, historical figures, and sci fi. No-one in your party should worry about being frightened… only marveled!

I learned about the event from my friend Elaina Glynn who shared a WRAT video about the show. I wrote her, “Let's go make a better video than that!” and the adventure was on. It started with a two hour drive to Kingsport TN to pick up Elaina followed by a 5 1/2 hour drive to Louisville KY (which I recently learned is pronounced “LEW-uh-vul”). We arrived a couple hours before sunset to get some shots in the daylight and then waited first in line to get some nighttime shots free of crowds.

Turns out that it's much harder to make a “better video than that!” I quickly learned why WRAT chose to go with a photo slideshow instead of actual video. Shooting videos in that type of lighting is REALLY hard! I'm not professionally trained in choosing proper aperture and ISO settings. Heck, as you learned a few weeks ago, I've been creating all my videos up until this point on my cell phone! Recording video footage that properly captured the magnificence of what we were seeing in person was a challenge, and we must've shot over an hour of footage to create that 2 minute video. I've still got a lot to learn about video making.

While I focused on capturing video throughout the evening, Elaina captured some great photos. When we first arrived she caught the team in action moving a lion head pumpkin that was the size of a LION'S HEAD! This thing was massive and took a crew to lift it.

Afterwards we entered their workspace where a few of the carvers were still in action carving pumpkins. The pumpkins rot after a week, so the month long exhibit actually showcases several different sets of jack o lantern designs.

MAD TV Jack O Lantern Design

These jack o lanterns take HOURS to carve and I learned that the designers get paid a well deserved $100 per pumpkin.

Pumpkin Hugger

Carving a pumpkin

We got to the trail early to scope out the jack o lanterns in the daylight, capture some drone footage, and plan our shots for later that evening.

Elaina Galaxy Far Away

I thought that the trail was as equally impressive in the daylight as it was at night when the jack o lanterns were illuminated.

Yoda Jack O Lantern Daytime

Elaina Doctor Evil

Marty who helps run the show each year allowed us to enter a few minutes before everyone else after the sun set so that we could capture some photos and video without the crowds.

Trail Entrance At Night

Cat Jack O Lantern Illuminated

MAD TV Pumpkin Illuminated

Special thanks to Marty, Elena, and the teams at Louisville Jack O' Lantern Spectacular and Louisville Parks and Recreation for working so hard to put on this show, and for coordinating with me last minute to get me into the exhibit to film on their busiest Saturday of the year. And thank you to my friend Elaina Glynn for taking the day off work and driving 5 1/2 hours to and from Louisville KY to help me shoot this video.

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