Chontacuro – A Slimy (Yet Satisfying) Amazonian Snack

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Would you eat a LIVE worm?? Kris and I did in Ecuador. They're called “chontacuro” and they're actually a slimy (yet satisfying) healthy snack eaten daily in the Amazon. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

(⚠️ WARNING: This video is not for the faint of stomach!!)

A few weeks ago, I showed you a short video on Facebook of live chontacuros squirming around a bowl. What you might not know is that eating worms is not all that uncommon in many parts of the world, like here in Napo, Ecuador.

Chontacuro worms are a traditional food in this region, eaten daily by many local communities. They are high in protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C, and are known for their healing properties. Natives claim that they are a cure-all for illnesses like throat and mouth infections, coughs, asthma, lung difficulties, gastritis and arthritis.

Chontacuro Worms - Ecuador

Chontacuro are harvested from the Chonta Palm Tree, where the worm grows on the trunk in white larvae. What happens is that a type of beetle lays its eggs on the trunk of the tree, and after about 10 weeks they become the larvae, from which the worm is harvested.

Afterwards they are kept alive until mealtime, where right beforehand they are cleaned, salted, spiced, put onto a skewer, and grilled. Most people eat them grilled, but they can also be eaten raw as you see in today's video.

Grilled Chontacuro Worms

They look a little gross, but after being salted, spiced, and grilled, they're quite delicious! I actually returned to the restaurant a couple times after this video was shot for seconds and thirds.

Would YOU eat a live chontacuro? How about a grilled one?

Leave a comment below or on the Facebook or YouTube videos and let me know if you'd be as brave as my friend Kris.

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