The City In Two States

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Join me in Bristol, the only city in the USA whose downtown is split exactly down the middle between two states! Bristol TN and Bristol VA are considered “twin cities” which occur when two urban centers are built so close together that they grow into each other over time. But twins don't always mean “double the pleasure”. Discover the good, the bad, and the beautiful of Bristol TN / VA in this week's video, which you can also watch and share on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Bristol Tennessee / Virginia

The two cities share a library, water system, and emergency medical services. They also take turns paying the electricity bill on the city's giant welcome sign which takes over 1300 bulbs to illuminate each night.

Bristol TN / VA Welcome Sign Illuminated

In 1856, these conjoined twin cities were separated, and Virginia's Bristol became incorporated into Goodson VA, but everyone continued to refer to its train depot as the Bristol Station, so in 1890, Goodson once again took the name Bristol.

Virginia Tennessee Plaque in Bristol State Street

And that's how it's been ever since – two rival cities separated by the main street that runs through downtown. Watch the video to learn more about the cities' sports and economic rivalries.

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Bristol TN / VA - The City In Two StatesBristol TN / VA - The City In Two StatesBristol TN / VA - The City In Two States


  1. Holly

    That’s really cool! I had no idea about the twin cities!

  2. geoffrey williams

    My name is Geoff, I live in Bristol UK, Bristol lies in between to counties Gloucestershire to the north and Somerset to the south ;the River Avon runs through the middle of Bristol it is tidal as it is only 7 miles from the Bristol Channel


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