Hi travel bloggers & vloggers! I'm Paul Drecksler founder of the Travel is Life Tribe – a community of like minded travel travel bloggers, vloggers, and travel influencers around the world. If you've got desire to grow your online presence while simultaneously helping your fellow tribe members grow theirs – we'd love for you to join! You've reached my Travel Blogger Success Kit which is a compilation of resources, courses, and software that I've personally curated to help you achieve success with your travel content creation business.

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Most Popular Resources

Travel is Life Resources

These are the resources that I've personally created for our tribe. They cover topics like SEO, Pinterest Marketing, Instagram, vlogging, and blogging.

Advanced SEO For Travel Blogs – A must read for beginner and intermediate travel bloggers alike. Learn how to rank your travel blog on the first page of Google and other search engines with my advanced search engine optimization strategies.

20 Pinterest Best Practices for Travel Bloggers – This is a complete beginner's guide to Pinterest for travel bloggeres who are brand new to the platform. Learn excellent Pinterest etiquette to build a successful Pinterest presence that will generate you thousands of visitors each month to your website.

Best WordPress Website Hosts for Travel Bloggers – Not all hosts are created equal, and as travel bloggers we have unique needs. These are my top two recommended hosts including the one that I use to host this website.

Post Publishing Checklist – After I publish a new blog post or video on Travel is Life, I go through a post production checklist to rank the post on search engines, distribute it across my various social platforms, and schedule it for syndication. Use this list as a template for your own post-publishing process and then improve upon it.

Best Customizable WordPress Theme For Travel Bloggers – In this post I’ve outlined the pros and cons to Divi Theme by Elegant Themes and showcased 14 examples of travel bloggers who use Divi to power their blogs.

10 Best Free Travel Photography Websites – This is my curated list of websites that I use to search for free commercial-use stock photography for this blog.

21 Things I Learned From Nas Daily About Vlogging – There is a lot to learn from Nas about travel vlogging and storytelling. It takes a mastery of both to be able to do so in 60 seconds – not to mention EVERY DAY! Read this post to discover the lessons that I took from watching his videos.

Best Smartphone Video Stabilizers – If you make vlogs with your cell phone like me, there's something called a gimbal stabilizer which helps smooth out your videos and remove the shakes. These are the best options for stabilizers available on the market.

How To Market Your Travel Blog on Pinterest – Learn how top travel bloggers are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs, and what tools, resources, and groups they use for the job. You'll learn my exact process for driving traffic from Pinterest to this website.

500 Pinterest Group Travel Boards – This is a huge list of 500+ travel boards on Pinterest that you can join today.

Best Travel Tailwind Tribe – Join our travel tribe on Tailwind and get your Pins seen by a whole new audience of travelers.

Ultimate List of Travel Instagram Hashtags – 1500+ of the vest travel related hashtags to use on your Instagram posts that you can download for FREE.

Facebook Cover Image Template – I created this Photoshop template to help you position the images and text in your Facebook Cover image accordingly so that the important elements appear on both mobile and desktop.

20 Legit Websites To Teach English Online – Many travel bloggers teach English online to supplement their blogging income. I've compiled a big list of companies that will hire you to teach from anywhere in the world.

51Talk vs VIPKID – These are the two biggest TESL online companies, and I interviewed a friend of mine who has worked for both for the past year who broke down the differences, pros, and cons of working for each one.

Set Google.com As Default Search Overseas – Whenever I'm in a different country, Google defaults to their local website, but I prefer to have Google.com (US version) as my default search. This short video shows you how to do that in Chrome browser.

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Additional Resources

This is a compilation of software, resources, products, and services that will benefit you as a travel blogger, vlogger, or influencer. I don't use everything on this list and neither should you because some of the services overlap and you won't need others. But browse through these tools because you'll probably discover something that will add value to your business that you never knew existed. If you've got something I should add to the list, e-mail [email protected]

Website Hosts

WPEngine Host For Travel Bloggers
WPEngine – This is the managed WordPress host that I use for this website. Plans start at $34.99/month for single websites or they offer bundle packages for hosting multiple sites.

Siteground Host for WordPress Travel Bloggers
Siteground – This is an alternative host that I recommend for travel bloggers that offers slightly lower priced packages than WPEngine. I also use them for many client websites.

Dreamhost Travel Blog Hosting
Dreamhost – I've used this host for 10+ years for client websites and many of my own personal projects. Their VPN is a great choice if you're looking to host multiple websites.

See my article entitled Best Website Host For Travel Bloggers for more information on why I recommend these hosts. These options should be enough to satisfy your needs and budget whether you're a brand new travel blogger or your site reaches hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Ready to switch to a better host but don't know how?

WPEngine and Siteground offer free website migration services to get you setup the right way from day one.

File Backup & Recovery

Dropbox Traveler File Backup
Dropbox – I subscribe to Dropbox Plus which gives me 1TB of cloud storage for $99/year. Every file and folder on my laptop is automatically synced to their servers, and every photo or video I capture on my cell phone is auto-uploaded.

Wordpress Themes & Plugins

Divi Best Theme for Travel Bloggers
Divi – This is the customizable theme that I use for this blog. Divi is a great choice for bloggers who don't know code because they offer a visual builder, and also great for developers because their framework is fully customizable. Technically I use their Extra Theme but it's just a variation of Divi. For one flat rate ($89/year or $249/lifetime) you get access to all of Elegant Solution's themes and plugins. Their products work well and are regularly updated, Elegant Solutions offers great support, and there is a huge community behind Divi – so if I have an issue or need a customization, chances are someone else has already blogged about it or posted in a support forum.

Travel Blogger Child Theme Maker
Child Theme Maker – This is a quick and easy tool I use to create custom child themes for Divi/Extra. This allows me to make advanced customizations to the theme without altering the theme's PHP files so that I can still update the theme whenever I want. You only need a child theme if you plan on editing PHP files, otherwise you can stick to Divi's customization options within the theme itself.

Yoast SEO For Travel Bloggers
Yoast SEO – This is my preferred plugin for managing my site's SEO. I use it to house my meta-info like meta-titles and descriptions, customize post image that gets shared on social media, create my sitemaps, and remove the “/category/” descriptor from my category URLS so that they are shorter. Yoast offers a Pro version but the Free version they offer satisfies all of my SEO needs.

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