“To live a life full of meaning and value, you don't follow your passion, your passion follows you.” – Terri Trespicio

During her TED Talk entitled “Stop Searching For Your Passion”, Terri Trespicio talks about how, “Passion is not a plan. It's a feeling. And feelings change.”

She's never liked the idea of people searching for their passion. Terri thinks that, “Passion is not a job, a sport, or a hobby. It is the full force of your attention and energy that you give to whatever's right in front of you. And if you're so busy looking for this passion, you could miss opportunities that could change your life.”

When it comes to traveling, you don't need a passion for being a lifelong traveler or a desire to see every country in the world in order to take a trip. To find the meaning and value of traveling, all you need to do is go. Your passion will follow you there.