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Do you give money to people on the street? Why or why not? For one day in Tbilisi, Georgia, I gave money to every person who asked. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

I like to challenge my beliefs. And in today's video, I do just that. Over the years I've developed a mindset that I can't afford to help everyone who asks, and because of that belief, I've developed the habit of helping no one. So I walk the streets every day with tunnel vision and a pocket full of change.

In today's video I ask myself, is it true that I cannot afford to help anyone? Or can I actually afford to help EVERYONE?

To discover the answer, for one day in Tbilisi, Georgia, I gave money to every single person on the street who asked, and here's what I learned.

Love helping people?

While you're here watch these videos below about few incredible people I've met in my travels who are doing their part to change the world.

This Professor #TRASHTAGS

This Professor #TRASHTAGS – Meet Drew Goff – a biology professor at UNC Charlotte who is using his sphere of influence to make a difference beyond the classroom by cleaning up local creeks and rivers with his students.

La Casa de Botellas - Puerto IguazĂş, Argentina

The House Made of Bottles – Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family believe that nothing should be disposable and everything should have a second use. Join me in Puerto IguazĂş, Argentina at La Casa de Las Botellas – the house that’s giving plastic bottles a second chance.

La Casa de Rafa Quito Ecuador

La Casa de Rafa – Rafael Wild believes that food can taste even more delightful when diners can’t see what they are eating. Join me at a restaurant in Quito Ecuador that’s run by the blind and serves meals inside a cave underground in absolute darkness!

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Giving Money To People On The Street in Tbilisi Georgia

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    Soemtimes its a good safety move to give change to people in a neighborhood you are visiting. Once you do so, you have the people out on the street looking out for you, knowing you are a good guy. They will be more willing to look out for you if you need help on the street yourself.


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