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This hotel in Asheville fosters dogs! 🐶 Guests arrive, fall in love with these pups, and then discover that they can adopt them. Polly was their 101st dog to find a home. Shouldn't every hotel do this??? You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube. Special thanks to Aloft Asheville Downtown for sharing their story.

Video Transcript

Here's a hotel that loves dogs as much as you!

While most hotels are “No Pets Allowed”, Aloft in Asheville North Carolina not only welcomes your furry friends, but invites you to take theirs home.

Aloft was the first hotel to start a Dog Fostering Program, and Polly is the 101st foster dog to find a home with William and Jennifer.

HANNAH: So we have been doing the Foster Dog Program for about 3 years. We started it as a community engagement project and it got so popular we just kept doing it. And Polly is our 101st dog that we've had. They live with us until they're adopted. Everyone at the hotel pitch in, and we all take turns letting them out, feeding them, playing with them. Actually hotel guests really like it as well because they are able to come downstairs and snuggle with the dog when they miss theirs. Any and all dogs, cats, we've had birds even, are welcome. And actually anywhere that guests are allowed in the hotel, pets are allowed as well.

So the next time you're in Asheville, bring your pup and stay at Aloft. Just be sure to have an extra seat in the car because you might be going home with more than you anticipated.

HANNAH: I think you have to love animals. And if you don't, I think you wouldn't last very long here. Isn't that right? (laughs)


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