50 Best Riddles For Travelers

I love riddles, although I’m horrible at figuring them out. Here are my favorites to entertain your traveling friends with on your next 16 hour bus ride.

Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers Who Travel

If you’re in the market to buy a gift for a traveler who loves drinking coffee, check out our up-to-date list of gift ideas for traveling coffee enthusiasts.

The Travel Bra Giveaway [COMPLETED]

Two lucky travelers will get their choice of a free Women’s The Travel Bra or Men’s Anti-theft Travel Trunks. Enter to win one before your next trip!

21 Gifts for Cat Owners Who Travel

Travelers with cats have their own set of challenges that only cat owners can relate to. Here are a few gift ideas to make their lives a little easier.

Best Travel Tailwind Tribes For Pinterest Marketing

Are you looking to grow your Pinterest following and build travel boards using the Tailwind App? Would you like to join travel related Tailwind Tribes? If so, check out the Best Travel Tailwind Tribe brought to you by TravelisLife.org.

How To Bypass Wifi Time Limits in Coffee Shops

Have you reached the time limit on your free WiFi connection at the coffee shop? Learn how to bypass those pesky WiFi time restrictions by changing your laptop’s MAC address, a practice commonly referred to as “spoofing your MAC Address”. Read this article for instructions for both Windows 10 and Mac.

Weather Calendar of Popular Nomad Destinations [INFOGRAPHIC]

This project was created to help you stay dry and avoid the blistering heat. The end result will be a published infographic displaying a graphic calendar that showcases the best time of year to visit the most popular nomad cities around the world

Who Makes The Best World Globes?

A world globe is the perfect gift for travel enthusiasts to inspire travel conversations at home. Today, I show you the top globe makers in the world and showcase some of my favorite globes from their extensive collections.