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The best time to clean up a river was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now! πŸ’§ SHARE THIS VIDEO and help spread the message that, “We can change the future!” You can also watch and share it on Facebook and YouTube.

Today I ask that you join me in Tena Ecuador for a Sunday morning river cleanup with Professor Andres Velez and his English class as we explore an environmental movement that's happening all over the world.

River Cleanup in Tena Ecuador

Professor Velez used to live in an area where the rivers were extremely polluted, but when he moved to Tena, he found the complete opposite — a community that respects their land and water systems. So he started this river cleanup project in his classroom to ensure that the next generation do their part to KEEP it that way.

Just like the health of our own bodies, preventative measures are the best way to take care of the health of our planet.

Today we cleaned up the Tena River, which is arguable one of the cleanest rivers I've ever seen. But Velez thinks, why wait for otherwise?

Tena River Ecuador

It's not just about cleaning what's dirty, but about keeping what's clean pristine.

The world is becoming aware and people and policies are changing. Movements take momentum and the tide is shifting.

Special thanks to Professor Velez and his students at the Instituto Superior TecnolΓ³gico Tena for inviting me to your weekend cleanup and collaborating with me on this video. I'm thrilled to help spread your positive message and outlook on our futures.

SHARE THIS VIDEO and help spread the message that, “We can change the future!” 🌎

PS: You might remember a few months ago when I profiled Professor Goff from Charlotte NC who cleans up local creeks with his biology class in my video entitled This Professor #TRASHTAGS. When I arrived in Tena and met Andres Velez, I was thrilled to see that the movement is happening all over the world! I hope that I can continue to make videos about professors and other community leaders who are taking action and leveraging their sphere of influence to protect the environment.

This Professor #TRASHTAGS

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