Yiddish Proverb

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“Make plans. God laughs.” – Yiddish Proverb

Does anyone understand this old Yiddish proverb better than a traveler? How many times has a 4 hour bus ride turned into an all day trip? Or I'll meet you in an hour became I'll try and catch up with you tomorrow?

Most of the travelers I meet have experienced things like this enough that we take plans in stride. What are travel plans, but merely hopes and wishes for things we'd like to happen in our future. Some happen, others don't. And some are replaced by even bigger and better adventures that we never could have planned for in a million years. A weekend in Nicaragua turns into a year. A conversation with a stranger on a bus becomes a lifelong friend. Other times the dice don't roll in our favor. A bus to the beach never arrives and a 3 hour walk follows. A ten week trip through Mexico is replaced by an afternoon of misfortune.

Make plans. God laughs. Although sometimes we don't quite understand His sense of humor. In the comments below, tell me of a time that you made plans and God laughed. And what actually happened instead?


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