Cerro Quitasol: One of the Highest Hiking Viewpoints in Medellín

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Join me on my hike to the top of Cerro Quitasol, one of the highest viewpoints in Medellín Colombia, located north of the city. This hike reaches a peak of about 9200 feet (2800 meters) with an elevation gain of about 4100 feet (1200 meters) from the trailhead to the peak.

On the slopes of the Cerro, you will find traces of an ancient civilization that possessed an advanced engineering knowledge which allowed them to build a historic stone path route up the mountain.

Cerro Quitasol Historic Stone Path

My friend Chris Blachut of The Unconventional Route joined me on this hike, and we took the hard way up and the easier way down. Admittedly, that man is in MUCH better shape than me right now and barely broke a sweat while I huffed and puffed the whole way up the mountain! A difficult hike, but the view from the top is worth the effort:

Cerro Quitasol From The Top

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Chris and Paul - Cerro Quitasol

How To Get To Cerro Quitasol From Medellín

For an easy way to get to the trailhead, follow these directions to Cerro Quitasol by Jill from Chasing Adventure. That's how we arrived and her directions were spot-on.

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