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I LOVE jokes! I tell them everywhere I go, especially when I travel. Laughter is universal and brings people together. Nothing breaks the ice better than a great joke.

I've started this post entitled Jokes For Travelers to share some of my favorites. Over the years, I've told thousands of jokes that bombed out so that you don't have to, and now I'm bringing you the best of the best. These jokes are tried-and-true and guaranteed to make other travelers laugh or your money back.

Chances are you're going to read these jokes, love them, and then promptly forget them. So share them, retweet them, Pin them, and bookmark this post so that you can remember them and tell them to new friends you meet during your travels.

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Week #4: The Ham Sandwich

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Week #3: Wisdom, Beauty, or $10 Million

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Week #2: What's the most populated country in South America?

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Week #1: If you speak three languages…

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