She Slept In A Spaceship

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a spaceship? 🚀 Join us in Chinatown, Singapore at the Met A Space Pod – a space capsule hostel that recreates the experience of spending the night in a spaceship! You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Deep in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown, there’s a secret portal to the future, although you wouldn’t know it from the doorway. Tucked between a souvenir shop and a Chinese restaurant, there’s an elevator to the 3rd floor that transforms into a shuttle to outer space!

MET A Space Pod Entrance in Chinatown Singapore

Welcome to Met-A-Space Pod – a capsule hostel in Singapore that recreates what it would be like to live on an actual spaceship. Being the space lover that I am, I had to check this place out!

MET A Space Pods in Singapore

Each pod offers exactly what you’d expect on a spaceship, minus the zero gravity of course, with a futuristic dashboard containing knobs, buttons, and dials to adjust your ventilation, the lighting, and temperature.

MET A Space Pod Delux Room

MET A Space Pod Lights in Room

The hostel offers basic single pods, double pods, and deluxe pods, all controlled by a keycard so that you can feel like the caption of your own ship.

MET A Space Pod Exterior

Each pod is everything you’ve always dreamed it would be on an actual spaceship – except the antigravity of course.

Ximena inside a space pod

Are you ready to geek out with a bunch of space enthusiasts from all around the world? You can find us at here at the MET A Space Pod. You can stay at a MET A Space POD in Chinatown or Boat Quay, Singapore.

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