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Are you looking to grow your Pinterest following and build your travel boards using the Tailwind App? Would you like to join travel related Tailwind Tribes? If so, check out the Best Travel Tailwind Tribe which is part of Travel is Life Creators.

Tailwind Tribes are a way to help you discover quality content to fill your Pinterest boards. In just a few minutes time, you can fill your Tailwind queue with new travel content for weeks or even months depending on your pin frequency. Plus it's a way for you to get your travel pins seen by thousands or even millions of Pinterest users. The Tailwind App has a monthly fee, but joining our tribe is free.

Our tribe currently has 320 members and we're growing fast – but not at the expense of quality. I personally vet every single blogger to apply by checking out their websites, reading at least 5-10 of their blog posts, and following their social media. This is to ensure that we're only letting in members who produce content that you'd be happy to share, and proud to have them share yours. As the name says, we are the Best Travel Tailwind Tribe!

For the benefit of all current and future members, we do have some rules to abide by if you'd like to join.

Best Travel Tailwind Tribe Rules

  1. Vertical Travel Pins Only
  2. Repin 3x per pin you add.
  3. Repin BEFORE you Add.
  4. Don't add more than 3 per day.
  5. No “How to build a blog” or “make money travel blogging” posts.
  6. All Pins must have descriptions (English).

And that's it! Simple rules to keep the tribe valuable for everyone. One friendly warning before you join, if you break the rules, we kick you out! But the rules are simple so it should be no problem to find success in this tribe. Just remember: Share first. Add second. Keep your share/add ratio 3:1 for the benefit of all members. Max 3 pins per day. I actively moderate the tribe for the benefit of all members.

How to join Best Travel Tailwind Tribe

This is a private Tailwind Tribe for members of the Travel is Life Creators. Click here to join.


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