The Island No One Can Visit

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By now you've heard the story of John Allen Chau, right?

He's the 26 year old American Missionary who got killed by The Sentinelese Tribe while attempting to evangelize them last week.

And while religious and non-religious commentators are quick to judge his motives, I'm curious how you all feel about the scenario as a whole?

Is it right or wrong as a society to leave the Sentinelese tribe alone to fend for themselves on an island so that they either evolve or die without the help of our modern medicine, technology, and guidance?

From an anthropologic standpoint, it's certainly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to study a primitive civilization at its core. But from a humane standpoint, does it start to feel a little Truman Show-esq?

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation on Facebook and YouTube or in the comments section below.

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