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Hi, I'm Paul Drecksler and this is what Google and Facebook know about me. What do they know about YOU? This video is important for all Internet users – not just those who travel. You can also watch this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Video Transcript

PAUL: Hi, I'm Paul Drecksler in this is what Google and Facebook know about me.

Google knows every place I've been in the last 10 years that I've been traveling with a smartphone. So does Facebook, but also because I post photos.

Google knows every idea I have as soon as I have it, because I usually search to see if someone else has already thought of it. Facebook knows my best ones, or at least the ones I'm proud to share.

Google knows who I f**k because our phones are in the same room for a night, and at some point we stop and start using them at the same time. Facebook knows who I want to f**k because I spend more time looking at their profile then others.

Google knows every client, vendor, and company that I do business with because we email each other. Facebook knows the names of the people I meet better than I do.

Google knows how big my penis is. Facebook has seen it.

(record scratch) Just kidding… this is the only dick pic I've ever sent.

Google knows which apps I use, what music I listen to and videos I watch, health issues I may have, my shopping habits online, and what stores I visit in person, how many times I search my own name, and pretty much everything else I know… and don't know.

Facebook knows which brands I like, what my interests are, my political affiliation, what type of ads and images catch my eye, who I stalk, and how much time I spend looking at my own profile.

PAUL: And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what companies can learn about you from your browsing history and your personal data.

Companies in China are currently using social networks to determine your credit score because who you spend time with says a lot about your socioeconomic status. And it won't be long before USA follows suit. Your personal data could be used to determine how healthy you are and how much you should pay for insurance, whether you're a flight risk and if you should be released on bail, or whether you've got psychological tendencies that could land you on a list or preclude you from getting a job.

PAUL: But don't worry, things are getting better. Companies and the people that run them are learning that it's not ethical to scrape and harbor your personal data, and they're taking measures to better protect your privacy.

I'm just kidding, it's only going to get worse. Big corporations have shown time and time again that they can't be trusted with your information, and so governments are stepping up to protect you against these evil corporations.

The problem is that laws are still way behind the times and most politicians and law makers aren't technologically savvy enough to know what needs to change or exactly how to make it happen. Most government intervention so far has been utterly misguided or worthless in doing anything to actually protect your privacy.

So what's the solution?

PAUL: The answer is complex, and it's going to take a cooperation between government and private enterprise in order to get it right. As well as a fundamental shift in the way that you and I as consumers use this technology. Otherwise we're going to continue to slowly give up our privacy and our rights in exchange for new features. But that's a conversation for a different video.

All I know is that were in for a wild ride in the coming years and our privacy problems aren't going to be solved with hashtags.

In the meantime, search for some weird shit on Google to throw them off their scent, and Like a few pages on Facebook to keep them guessing what you're into. You can start with mine.

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What does Google know about me?What does Facebook know about me?What do Google and Facebook know about me?


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