Sinchi Warmi (STRONG WOMAN)

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What do you do as a strong woman if the men in your family aren't providing? Well, you take things into your own hands! And that's exactly what happened at this small Amazonian village. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Join me at Sinchi Warmi in Napo, Ecuador to learn the story of these Kichwa women who started an all female run tilapia farm and grew it into a thriving hotel and resort in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

This is the story of determined women who wouldn't take no for an answer when the men in their community laughed at their idea 12 years ago.

Special thanks to Betty and the Sinchi Warmi Community for your help creating this inspirational video.

Sinchi Warmi Community

How To Get To Sinchi Warmi Amazon Lodge

Sinchi Warmi is located in the Napo Region of Ecuador on the southern side of Rio Napo. The resort is located 26km southwest of Tena and 2km south of Puerto Misahualli. If you've got access to GPS, it's location is marked on Google Maps. Otherwise, directions below.

From Tena: Head south / southwest on E436 for 26km and then take a left on Via St Victor, where you'll see signs for Sinchi Warmi on the right after 1km.

Directions from Tena to Sinchi Warmi

From Puerto Misahualli: Simply cross the big bridge and head south for 2km until you see signs for Sinchi Warmi on the left.

Directions from Puerto Misahualli to Sinchi Warmi

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Sinchi Warmi (STRONG WOMAN)Sinchi Warmi (STRONG WOMAN)Sinchi Warmi (STRONG WOMAN)


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