Dear Friend Who Doesn’t Travel

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We all have those friends and family members who make a thousand excuses as to why they can't travel with us, but we know that in reality, if they looked at things a little differently, they probably could. This video is for them. Who do you want to travel with? Tag a friend on the Facebook or YouTube video and let them know that, “This video is for you!”

Dear Friend Who Doesn't Travel was inspired by my own friends and family who I've been begging to travel with me for quite some time now, but always seem to have a reason why they cannot. (I've ever bought some of them passports! But they've yet to be stamped…) I still love them all the same, but there's a big world out there, and I'd like them to see some of it with me.

Special thanks to my co-creator of this video, Mitch Summers. If my videography looks like it went up a few notches in this video, you can thank him. Mitch runs an awesome video channel and puts out some amazing content on the regular. While we were both in Raleigh, we decided to team up and put out a video together. I'd just written this script a few weeks ago and it was right up both our alleys, so we made it happen.

Paul Jamie and Mitch

Additional Special Thanks To:

  • My long time friend and fashionista Jamie Ray for graciously inviting us into her home for a video shoot and playing a role in the video. She's not normally in her pajamas at 6pm on a Wednesday (or is she?), but was playing the part of “girl watching Netflix in PJs” so she dressed down for us.
  • Derek Cunningham for playing the role of “guy watching news” and letting us rearrange his living room for the shot. No wardrobe change was required for Derek though. He always looks like that.
  • Jill Carter Price and her family for playing the role of “family talking in park”. That scene is hilarious with y'all pretend talking and playing rock paper scissors!
  • The strangers at the Raleigh Rose Garden and Francesca's in Cameron Village for volunteering to allow two random handsome men to film them for those scenes.
  • And to the City of Raleigh for the lovely $30 parking ticket while shooting this video. I swear the sign was covered.

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