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Everyone's got their own preferred brand of toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and body lotion – none of which we can bring on a plane with us because of the 3.4oz liquid rule (100 ml). And if you travel like me, checking bags isn't an option, so enter travel bottles. In this post, I'm going to explain the TSA liquid rule, outline what to look for in a travel bottle, and then recommend some of the best travel bottles to choose from to help get you on that plane faster and with your favorite shampoo. If you're in a hurry and just looking for my recommendations, check out these travel bottles by Auskit, GoToob, OwlEyes, and LiquiSnugs.

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How big of a shampoo bottle can I bring on an airplane?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows you to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.

TSA Liquid Rules Infographic

So thanks to the TSA Liquid Rule, you'll either have to buy new toiletries at your destination or bring some of your own in tiny travel bottles.

TSA Conspiracy Theory

What to look for in a travel bottle

There are over 1000 travel bottles for sale on Amazon (did he just say ONE THOUSAND??) and since pouring through page after page of bottles and reading reviews isn't on your itinerary, I've done that for you because I'm obsessed with making your travel life easier. Here's what to look for in a travel bottle:

  • Made from silicone. This is going to be the most malleable type of bottle which means it won't crack like cheap plastic and spill shampoo all over your bag, and it'll be easier to flip inside out and clean when you want to change the contents of your bottle. (Keep in mind that we're talking about shampoo and conditioner bottles in this post. Other types of travel bottles that you don't squeeze like these are fine for hair gel and coconut oil and stuff like that.)
  • Less than 3.4oz (100 ml). This should be obvious but not all travel bottles are created to be used as carry-ons – some are bigger and just labeled as “travel” – so make sure that it's TSA Approved for carry on travel so you don't have to throw it away at the security gate!
  • Multi Colored Pack Otherwise you end up with four of the same colored bottles and you accidentally shampoo with hair gel and condition with soap. Multiple colors can help you remember which liquid is which.
  • Leak Proof That should go without saying, but I'm going to say it. The worst thing that can happen on a vacation is when toiletries leak all over everything. Okay, well, maybe not the worst thing that could happen – but it's worth spending an extra dollar or two on a good set of leak proof travel bottles to avoid that issue all together.

Best Leak Proof Silicone Travel Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles Under 3.4 oz

I did the research, read the reviews, and ordered enough tiny bottles to travel for the rest of my life – and through this extensive research, these are the travel shampoo and conditioner bottles that I recommend.

#1 AusKit 3.3oz Silicon Bottles w/ Shower Lanyard and Travel Bag (4 Pack)

AusKit Travel Bottles TSA Approved Leak Proof, 3.3 OZ Leak Proof Travel Accessories Tube Sets, Refillable Silicone Travel Containers With Shower Lanyard for Shampoo Lotion Soap
  • 1.LEAK PROOF REFILLABLE AIRLINE TRAVEL BOTTLES: Each Travel Lotion Bottle 100% BPA Free Food Grade...
  • 2.EVA CLEAR TRAVEL CASE: The high quality Toiletry Bag will allow you to pack all of your toiletries...

In first place is this set of 4 travel bottles by Auskit which comes with a multi-clip lanyard for transporting your travel bottles to and from the shower and a clear travel case for a double layer of protection against leaking all over your toiletry bag. The bottles themselves are leak proof, but the additional case helps ensure a dry bag in the event of human error (like not completely sealing one of the bottles). The bottles themselves hold 3.3oz which is about the maximum size bottle on the market which allows you to carry as much liquid as possible on the plane, and they're made from silicon which is what we're looking for. The bottles also have a twistable ID window which displays text to identify what's inside the bottle. You can rotate between: Soap, Sun, Lotion, Cond., Shamp., and Blank.

#2 Humangear's GoToob 2oz Silicon Travel Bottles (3 Pack)

humangear GoToob Travel Bottles, 3-pack, Clear/Blue/Green, Medium (2 oz)
  • The original, patented soft travel bottle
  • Trusted and reviewed by more people than any other soft bottle

If there was a name brand in the travel bottle space, the title may go to Humangear's GoToob Travel Bottles – the original, patented soft travel bottle. These silicone bottles are made in America and are even FDA Approved for food (just in case you decide to use them as travel bbq sauce bottles). These are a bit smaller than the AusKit bottles at only 2 oz, but that might be right up your alley depending on how long you'll be traveling. They come in a 3 pack of multi colors which you can choose between Clear/Green/Blue or Clear/Orange/Red.

#3 MrLifeHack OwlEyes 2.8oz Suction Cup Silicon Travel Bottles (4 Pack)

No products found.

Third on the list is both functional and cute. These OwlEyes Suction Cup Travel Bottles by MrLifeHack have dual suction cups so that you can conveniently attach them to the shower wall, which are intentionally placed to look like the eyes of an owl! They are also leak proof and have a twistable ID window to display the text label of what's inside. And did I mention they look like little baby owls?

#4 LiquiSnugs Multi-Size Travel Bottle (3 Pack)

Number four on the list is LiquiSnugs Travel Bottles which come in a three pack that includes two 3oz bottles and one 2 ounce bottle. They also come with adjustable text labels, suction cups, and are designed with a leak proof lid.

LiquiSnugs Premium - 100% Guaranteed Leak Proof Silicone Travel Bottles For Toiletries - TSA Approved Container. Premium Range Travel Shampoo Bottles with Suction Cups and Adjustable Labels
  • 100% LEAKPROOF GUARANTEED: We have worked hard to modify these refillable travel containers for...
  • DIFFERENT SIZES: We think a set of 2x 3oz toiletry bottles and 2x 2oz travel toiletry bottles gives...

BONUS: 5 Most Adorable Travel Bottles For Kids

That list of four should be enough for you to find a suitable leak proof set of travel bottles for your next trip, but what if you're looking for something a little bit cuter? If so, you'll enjoy these top 5 most adorable travel bottles – which might be a fun way to get your kids to take a bath on your next trip.

#1 These little soapy penguins!

You can pretend like the polar ice caps are melting and have a blast in the bath with these little soapy penguins.

No products found.

#2 They took a bath. They took a MONSTER bath!

It was a graveyard smash.

No products found.

#3 Tutti frutti wash your booty!

Keep it fresh and fruity with this travel set of 7 fruit shaped travel bottles.

No products found.

#4 Beets, BEARS, Battlestar Galactica

Love bears? Check out these Berenstain beauties.

No products found.

#5 Cartoon characters from something

I guess they don't have to be a character anyone's ever heard of before to have fun with them! These are sold individually as a horse, a donkey, and a hippo (I think).

No products found.

What are your favorite travel toiletry bottles?

What'd I miss that I should add to this list? Drop a comment below with the link to your favorite brands and tell me why you love them. Stay clean my friends!

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