Travel Creators Success Kit 2021

Paul Drecksler

Hi travelers! I'm Paul Drecksler, founder of Travel is Life Creators, a professional community of travel bloggers, vloggers, and photographers around the world.

You've reached my Travel Blogger Success Kit which is a compilation of resources that I've personally written to help you achieve success with your travel content creation business.

I hope you enjoy these resources. If you need any help or have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected].

Search Engine Optimization

Advanced SEO Strategies for Travel Bloggers

Advanced SEO For Travel Blogs – A must read for beginner and intermediate travel bloggers alike. Learn how to rank your travel blog on the first page of Google and other search engines with my advanced search engine optimization strategies.

Best SEO Keyword Research Tools For Travel Bloggers

7 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools – Are you looking for SEO software to help rank your travel blog? These SEO keyword research tools are the top picks of professional travel bloggers.

6 Major Link Types for Bloggers

Understanding The 6 Major Link Types For Bloggers – Learn how to make Google happy by properly using link types including dofollow, nofollow, sponsored, ugc, noreferrer, and noopener.

How To Make A Multilingual Travel Blog

4 Ways To Create A Multilingual Travel Blog – Learn how to translate your travel blog into multiple languages the right way, so that you can reach new readers and 10x your traffic.

Google-com Default Search Engine in Chrome

Set As Default Search Overseas – Whenever I'm in a different country, Google defaults to their local website, but I prefer to have (US version) as my default search. This short video shows you how to do that in Chrome browser.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Link Management Featured

How To Manage Affiliate Links On Your Travel Blog – Learn how I manage and cloak my affiliate links and why you should too. This system will make your life a whole lot easier!

Amazon Associates Alternatives Featured

Best Amazon Associates Alternatives for Travel Bloggers – This list will help you replace your Amazon affiliate links with suitable alternatives that pay equal or higher commissions.

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin For Travel Bloggers – Learn how Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0 works and how an Amazon Associates WordPress Plugin can jumpstart your Amazon income.

Traffic Building

How (And Why) To Host A Collab Post On Your Travel Blog

70+ Ideas To Improve Your Travel Blog – These ideas for daily tasks will make sure there's never a dull moment when it comes to sprucing up your travel blog and online presence.

How (And Why) To Host A Collab Post On Your Travel Blog

Travel Blogger Collab Posts: Everything You Need To Know – Ready to host or participate in a collab post with other travel bloggers? Learn what to expect, where to find them, and how to successfully run one.

List Building Week - Grow your e-mail in 5 days

How To Grow Your Travel Blog Newsletter in 5 Days – Here's a 5 day challenge I created to help guide travel bloggers through the processes of creating, growing, and engaging an e-mail list.

Travel Bloggers Reach A Bigger Audience

Post Publishing Checklist – After I publish a new blog post or video on Travel is Life, I go through a post production checklist to rank the post on search engines, distribute it across my various social platforms, and schedule it for syndication. Use this list as a template for your own post-publishing process and then improve upon it.

Hosting & Security

Best Host For Travel Bloggers

Best WordPress Website Hosts for Travel Bloggers – Not all hosts are created equal, and as travel bloggers we have unique needs. These are my top two recommended hosts including the one that I use to host this website.

Secure your travel blog with HTTPS using an SSL Certificate

Secure Your Travel Blog w/ HTTPS – Learn how to secure your website with HTTPS using a free SSL Certificate.

WordPress Themes

Best Themes for Travel Bloggers

Best Customizable WordPress Theme For Travel Bloggers – In this post I’ve outlined the pros and cons to Divi Theme by Elegant Themes and showcased 14 examples of travel bloggers who use Divi to power their blogs.

The Business of Travel Blogging

Pros & Cons of Travel Influencing

27 Lessons Travel Bloggers Wished They Knew BEFORE They Started Blogging – Travel bloggers share hard learned lessons about the business and technical side of blogging that they wished they knew from day one.

Pros & Cons of Travel Influencing

21 Pros & Cons To Being A Professional Travel Influencer – I asked 21 professional travel influencers to share some insight about the pros and cons of their business and lifestyle, so that you can have a true idea of what it's like to have the “dream job”.

Travel Blogger Conferences 2020

100+ Travel Blogger Conferences in 2020 – A comprehensive list of 100+ travel blogger conferences, events, and trade shows around the world that are being held in 2020.

Are travel blogger conferences worth it?

Are Travel Blogger Conferences Worth The Investment? – If you're on the fence about attending a travel blogger conference this year, these anecdotes from professional travel bloggers can help you decide whether it's worth the investment for you.

Pinterest Marketing

Complete Beginner's Guide to Pinterest

20 Pinterest Best Practices for Travel Bloggers – This is a complete beginner's guide to Pinterest for travel bloggers who are brand new to the platform. Learn excellent Pinterest etiquette to build a successful Pinterest presence that will generate you thousands of visitors each month to your website.

Pinterest SEO Guide

Pinterest SEO Guide – Learn how to get your pins discovered on Pinterest search through SEO using Pinterest's recommended strategies.

Pinterest VA for Travel Bloggers

How To Hire A Pinterest VA For Your Travel Blog – I interviewed leading Pinterest VAs and learned their strategies and workflow to help you successfully outsource your Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Marketing For Travel Bloggers

How To Market Your Travel Blog on Pinterest – Learn how top travel bloggers are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs, and what tools, resources, and groups they use for the job. You'll learn my exact process for driving traffic from Pinterest to this website.

Directory of Travel Group Boards on Pinterest

500 Pinterest Group Travel Boards – This is a huge list of 500+ travel boards on Pinterest that you can join today.

Best Travel Tailwind Tribe

Best Travel Tailwind Tribe – Join our travel tribe on Tailwind and get your Pins seen by a whole new audience of travelers.


21 Things I Learned From Nas Daily

8 Best Sites To Find Free Video Footage for Your Travel Vlog – Do you need free travel videos to use on your travel vlog? Here's my curated list of the best free travel video sites with CC0 videos (or similar license).

21 Things I Learned From Nas Daily

21 Things I Learned From Nas Daily About Vlogging – There is a lot to learn from Nas about travel vlogging and storytelling. It takes a mastery of both to be able to do so in 60 seconds – not to mention EVERY DAY! Read this post to discover the lessons that I took from watching his videos.

Project Nightfall's Agon Hare

The Humble Beginnings of Project Nightfall’s Agon Hare – Agon Hare's top video on Facebook exceeds 25 million views and his other videos regularly reach millions of views and receive tens of thousands of shares – so the guy is doing something right when it comes to creating powerfully engaging video content. Today he shares his video making secrets.

2019 Travel Vloggers

10 Facebook Travel Vloggers To Follow in 2019 – If you're a travel video creator also looking to learn from the best, or you simply love travel videos and are looking for some new channels to follow, here's my list of travel vloggers on Facebook to follow in 2019.

Cell Phone Stabilizer Featured Image

Best Smartphone Video Stabilizers – If you make vlogs with your cell phone like me, there's something called a gimbal stabilizer which helps smooth out your videos and remove the shakes. These are the best options for stabilizers available on the market.


Podcasts to Motion Graphic Videos

How To Turn Your Audio Podcasts into Visual Videos – These audiogram apps will convert your audio podcasts into motion graphic videos known as audiograms that you can share on YouTube and Facebook.


Best Free Travel Photos for Commercial Use

10 Best Free Travel Photography Websites – This is my curated list of websites that I use to search for free commercial-use stock photography for this blog.

Microstock Photography Websites

Microstock Photo Websites – Learn how to make extra cash selling your travel photography on microstock websites like Shutterstock, iStock, and more.

Microstock Photography Submission Tools

5 Microstock Submission Tools – These 5 apps allow you to upload your photos to multiple microstock photography websites at one time and speed up your submission process.

Instagram Hashtags for Travel

Ultimate List of Travel Instagram Hashtags – 1500+ of the vest travel related hashtags to use on your Instagram posts that you can download for FREE.

Teach English Online

Best Websites Teach English Online Featured

20 Legit Websites To Teach English Online – Many travel bloggers teach English online to supplement their blogging income. I've compiled a big list of companies that will hire you to teach from anywhere in the world.

51Talk vs VIPKID

51Talk vs VIPKID – These are the two biggest TESL online companies, and I interviewed a friend of mine who has worked for both for the past year who broke down the differences, pros, and cons of working for each one.

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