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This video is for anyone who's ever told me to WAKE UP! You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

It's not a video about conspiracies, coronavirus, or politics — although I talk about all three. This is a video about how we speak to each other.

I always say that travel is about exchanging ideas. Well, yelling at someone to “WAKE UP!” is a one way trip.

Today's video is a different style than I usually publish on Travel is Life (check out my other videos), but I think it's important.

More than ever, the world needs our COMPASSION, STRENGTH, and for us to put the COMMON GOOD ahead of ourselves.

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That begins with effective communication — which I see so many smart and passionate people fail miserably at.

Their passion becomes ANGER, and that anger becomes a closed door, which no ideas can enter or exit, no matter how loud they yell.

It's not enough to JUST have good ideas or to know something that the rest of the world doesn't.

Unless you can effectively communicate your ideas, they will live and die with you alone.

My other business (which I've had long before I started Travel is Life) is called Ideas Focused. I named it that because I believe that ideas are the most important things to discuss.

Ideas are what separate humankind from other species. They are what allow us to survive on more than just our instincts.

Our ability to work towards a non-tangible idea is what allows us to prosper.

Success, however, as you know, never happens alone. Success as a business… success as partner… success as a parent… success as a society…they all require negotiation with people, whose ideas will inevitably clash with your own.

In today's video, I use the expression “WAKE UP!” as a symbol of many forms of verbal aggression. This aggression is what prevents you from successfully negotiating with other people that YOUR IDEAS are what THEY should believe or work towards.

👉 If you feel that this video is pointing its finger at you, I hope that you can move past feeling defensive and take something away from it.

The point that I aim to make is that the first step to successful negotiation is finding common ground. And you can't do that if your door is closed.

Thanks for watching.


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