These apps are like Airbnb for your luggage so that you can explore cities bag-free

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Are you looking for a safe place to store your luggage during a layover so that you can explore a city bag-free? Or maybe you arrived early in the day and aren't able to check-in to your hotel yet. What do you do with your bags in the meantime?

These are problems that new luggage storage apps aim to solve for travelers. The apps connect travelers with local businesses who store and guard their bags for a small fee. They're like Airbnbs for your luggage, and they're popping up all over the world.

The problem for travelers is that THERE ARE A LOT OF APPS to choose from! And more keep popping up in the app stores. In fact, as I'm writing this article, 3 more have been published. (Kidding. Maybe.)

How do you know which apps offer the most convenient storage locations where you'll be traveling? Are they safe? Which apps offer insurance in case your bags get lost, stolen, or mistreated? Which is the cheapest?

I aim to answer the questions above for you in today's curated list of 10 11 Best Travel Luggage Apps (I added one since originally publishing this list). This list will provide you a snapshot into these apps geographic service areas, pricing, policies, and guarantee, to help you choose the right storage app for your next trip.

NOTE: This list is in no particular order, meaning #1 is not “First Place”, so I recommend that you read through the list to see which app is best for your particular trip. However I did put the apps that offered my readers a discount at the top because I like to help save you some money wherever I can.

#1 Bounce

Bounce - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Freedom to experience…
Locations: 6000+ locations across USA, Europe, Australia, & Asia
Concentration: Primarily in US and Europe but rapidly expanding
Bag Size/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Price: Starting at $5.90/day/bag, varies by location.
Guarantee: They personally vet every location and require them to store your items out of reach of customers. They tag and seal every item. They also offer a $10,000 Bounce guarantee.
My Thoughts: Bounce is a great option for travelers, especially as their locations continue to grow. They recently launched a complementary service centered around receiving your shipments at Bounce locations as well (in addition to storing). They've also recently partnered with UPS Stores across the USA to expand their domestic footprint by 5x.

The owner Cody e-mailed me and shared a few things about what makes Bounce different. The first is that they set a high bar for storage partners, focusing on quality over quantity. They are also self-proclaimed tech nerds and put a lot of thought into their UI and checkout process, including being the only ones on this list to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Browser Pay. This actually makes sense given my initial thoughts about Bounce which were, “I like their clean interface. All the info is easy to find and the site is simple to navigate with and get started.” Cody was kind enough to offer a 20% off discount to my readers, which you can find below. The link automatically inserts the discount, or you can enter the code TRAVELISLIFE directly into the website or apps.


Use this link and promo code TRAVELISLIFE for 20% off Bounce rentals.

#2 Stasher

Stasher - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Luggage storage in trusted shops & hotels
Locations: 1,000+ locations in more than 200 cities worldwide.
Concentration: Concentrated around larger cities in Europe. As of Oct 2022, they offer Luggage Delivery (shipping) for travelers that don't trust the airlines to get their checked bags to the right destination.
Bag Size/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Price: Starting at $6/day/bag, varies by location.
Guarantee: All StashPoints are vetted by Stasher and have a secure area for storing your luggage. You will receive a uniquely numbered luggage tag and each bag is insured for up to £1000.
My Thoughts: A great choice for luggage storage apps. I spoke to Jamie Vaughan-Johnson who works with global outreach at Stasher and I get the impression that they're working hard to build a quality network of storage locations in that they do local and personal outreach, as well as verify each location in person. However, the quality control comes at the expense of growth. It's hit or miss whether Stasher will have a storage location for you outside of major cities in Europe or USA, but you can check their website and find out. Jamie was kind enough to create a 10% off promo code for my readers which I'll share below.


Use this link and promo code TRAVELISLIFE for 10% off Stasher.

#3 Nannybag

Nannybag - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Drop off your luggage in our partner shops and hotels and enjoy your day!
Locations: 2000+ places across 250+ cities
Concentration: Mostly in Europe and USA. High concentration in France.
Price: 6€/first day. 4€/day after 24 hours.
Discount: Use this link and promo code TRAVELISLIFE for 10% off Nannybag.
Guarantee: Each bag is insured up to 1500 euros by their partner AXA Assurance in case of breakage, loss or robbery.
My Thoughts: I'm impressed with Nannybag as they seem to offer one of the largest selection of storage locations worldwide. I've been in touch with their business developer, Amalia Caras, who's been on top of our correspondences, which is a good indicator for the rest of their customer service. She also created a special discount code for my readers which I'll share below.


Use this link and promo code TRAVELISLIFE for 10% off Nannybag.

#4 LuggageHero

Luggage Hero - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Find luggage storage in certified shops & hotels
Locations: 1050+ locations in 220+ cities worldwide
Concentration: 52 countries worldwide with a focus in Europe, USA, and Canada.
Bag Size/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations on bags.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Price: €0.95/hour/bag. Max €5.3/day.
Discount: Use this link and promo code TRAVELISLIFE for 2 hours of free luggage storage at LuggageHero.
Guarantee: Bags are insured up to $3,000/€2.500/£2.200. Each storage location is personally certified by Luggage Hero.
My Thoughts: With over 40k positive reviews, I'm impressed with Luggage Hero. Another thing that was impressive about them is that I actually missed Luggage Hero in my first roundup (mistakenly thinking they were an aggregator) and it wasn't but two days later before I heard from Mihai Cojocaru, their marketing coordinator, educating me about their business and offering to create a special promotion for my readers. When companies are on top of their industry like that, I have a lot of confidence in their customer service as well. I also enjoy the user interface of the site and their app, as well as their selection of locations within the cities they offer storage.


Use this link and promo code TRAVELISLIFE for 2 hours of free luggage storage at Luggage Hero.

#5 Vertoe

Vertoe - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Luggage Storage Anywhere, Anytime
Locations: 500+ locations in 35+ cities.
Concentration: Highly concentrated in the USA, and even more so within NYC.
Bag Size/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations from Vertoe, but their locations reserve the right to request that an item that weighs more than 75 lbs or 35 kgs will be charged as two items, or may reject to store it.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Price: Starting at $5.95/day/bag, varies by location.
Guarantee: Location is manually verified for safety and trained by their team before being listed on the site. Upon arrival, they give you uniquely coded tamper proof seals for your bags (provided free). Every booking is covered by a $5000 insurance.
My Thoughts: First impression is that they seem legit. Their website is easy to navigate and I can find all the info I'm looking for about prices, locations, and policies, and guarantees. I like that they offer a $5k guarantee.

#6 Radical Storage

Radical Storage - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: The first luggage storage network.
Locations: 3000+ luggage storage locations across the world
Concentration: Mostly concentrated in major cities across Europe and USA.
Bag Size/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Price: €5.00/day/bag.
Guarantee: Verified locations. $3,000 guarantee per bag.
My Thoughts: Radical Storage was formerly called Bagbnb. It was actually the first of this kind of app I ever heard about, which is perhaps because they are one of the oldest. (Or possible the original. Two apps make that claim.) They offer a healthy amount of locations across more cities than most. The $3,000 guarantee per bag is generous for the industry and the company is very responsive.

#7 LugLockers

Luglockers - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Make your travel easier and give you a chance to enjoy your free time.
Locations: 500 worldwide
Concentration: Mostly Europe and USA w/ a few Asian countries.
Price: Hourly or daily rates. Varies by time and luggage size.
Guarantee: None listed.
My Thoughts: I'm not a fan of their user interface or pricing model. Their pricing structure is overcomplicated. A flat daily rate like their competitors with no baggage size limit would be easier to understand. However, I'd feel comfortable using their services from a credibility standpoint, which is why I included them on the list.

#8 BagsAway

Bagsaway - Luggage Storage AppBagsaway - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Find Local Storage from just $1.5/hour anywhere.
Locations: 21 cities worldwide
Concentration: Primarily in Canada and USA.
Price: Rates start at $1.25/hour and $5.95/day.
Guarantee: $1,200 damage and theft insurance per bag (up to $3000)
My Thoughts: Definitely a great option if you're traveling to Canada as they are a Canadian based company and locations are concentrated around major cities in Canada. They've got a great user interface as well.

#9 Mind My Bag

Mindmybag - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Convenient bag & luggage storage
Locations: 6 cities in Australia
Concentration: Only in Australia
Price: AUD $10 bag/day
Guarantee: AUD $1000 per booking.
Partner Program: Yes
Thoughts: I like that they focus on growing market share in one country. It helps with quality control and brand recognition while also making them attractive to acquire. Their website could be improve a bit, like by not having to have me hunt down for their guarantee.

#10 Store Me

StoreMe - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: On-demand Luggage Storage
Locations: 200+ locations across 12 cities in USA and Canada
Concentration: Only in USA & Canada
Price: $1-3/hour or $7.50-$14.00/day depending on bag size.
Guarantee: Insured up to $3000 per booking.
My Thoughts: A little pricier than the alternatives. No one else seems to differentiate between large and small bags. However I'd feel comfortable using their services if that's what was available to me in a particular city.

#11 Holibag

Holibag - Luggage Storage App

Slogan: Find luggage storage to Drop-off your bags in every city in France and Europe
Locations: Doesn't say how many.
Concentration: Only in Europe, mostly France.
Price: 3.90€ / 4 hours. 5.90€ / 6 hours. 7.90€ / 12 hours. 11.90€ / 24 hours. 5.90€ / additional days.
Bag Size/Weight Limit: No
Free Cancellation: Free up to 4 hours prior.
Guarantee: Insured but doesn't say how much.
My Thoughts: Seems like a great option for France and Europe because of how many locations they offer there, but their prices are a bit higher than alternatives. I could rent for 24 hours from a competitor for the same price as 4 hours with Holibag.

🧳 What's your favorite luggage storage app?

Help other travelers by sharing your experiences with these apps (or other apps) in the comments below. Also let me know if you think I should add any additional apps to the list.

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