23 Futuristic Personal Transportation Vehicles You Can Actually Buy Today

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I love unique and interesting modes of transportation. Traditional bikes, skateboards, and even trains, planes, and automobiles have gotten boring, and I'm always fascinated by new concepts ever since I learned about the Segway years ago, which was supposed to change the world, but didn't quite. While there are more than enough concept ideas out there, I wanted to research personal transportation vehicles that you can ACTUALLY BUY right now, not just gawk over the idea of owning in the future. So here is my list of futuristic transportation devices that are really and truly available for sale, many of which surprisingly are on Amazon of all places. Make sure you scroll to the end because I saved some of my favorites for the finale.

#1) The Wheelman

The Wheelman

Let's start the list with The Wheelman. At one time, a motorized vehicle of the future but now it's been out for over a decade and I still want one! I tried to get a group of my friends to each buy one about 8 years ago so we could start a Wheelman Gang but no-one was interested – mostly because none of us had an extra $600 lying around at the time. But if you do, and you're up for an adrenaline-packed way to hit up the streets, beaches, and even off road environments, The Wheelman is still top of my list for affordable toys.

The Wheelman For Sale

Buy The Wheelman | Watch Video

#2) Segway One S1

Segway One S1 For Sale

If The Wheelman has one too many wheels for your liking, then maybe you'll prefer what's next on our list. From Segway, the company that didn't quite change the world but still manufactures some awesome personal transportation vehicles, comes the Segway One S1, a gyroscopic unicycle powered by two lithium-ion batteries that will take you about 15 miles on a full charge. Segway says, “The One S1 is not for everyone. It's for unique riders who are bold and love a challenge, who look to try new things, be different and turn heads.” Sounds good to me.

Segway One S1 For Sale

Buy Segway One S1 | Watch Video

#3) SoloWheel Xtreme

SoloWheel Xtreme

Continuing the trend of one wheeled gyroscopic unicycle scooters comes the SoloWheel Xtreme with over 2000W of power! Now, I have no idea how many Watts equals a Horsepower or how many Gigawhats equals a Whatsamacallit, but the SoloWheel Xtreme looks pretty zippy and they say it's their most powerful model yet.

SoloWheel Xtreme - Gyroscopic Unicycle Electric Skateboard

Buy SoloWheel Xtreme | Watch Video

#4) Swagtron SwagRoller

Swagtron SwagRoller One Wheel Motorized Transportation Device

If the Segway and SoloWheel look a little bit delicate to you, check out the Swagtron SwagRoller. Even though it looks like you're riding R2D2's cousin and sounds like it's named after one of Austin Power's bedroom toys, the SwagRoller can take you places with its dual 14″ tires and a Smartphone App that lets you control the device settings and view your riding history.

Swagtron SwagRoller Single Wheeled Electric Scooter

Buy Swagtron SwagRoller | Watch Video

#5) A-Bike Electric

A-Bike Electric - World's Smallest, Lightest, Folding Electric Bike

Perhaps you'd rather have a seat during your morning commute, and if so, I'm right there with you. So let's take a look at the A-Bike Electric, the world's lightest and most compact electric folding bike. To be fair, I don't know how many other compact electric folding bikes are competing for that title, but this bike's definitely got it going on in terms of portability. John Bennett (whose name you're not supposed to recognize, don't worry), says about the device, “What surprised me is that it performs very much like any other electric bike; the same power and speed from something much smaller and lighter is an impressive feat.” At up to 15 miles on a charge via its detachable 24V battery, 12.5mph top speed, and weighing less than 26 pounds, I'm on board to give the A-Bike a test ride.

A-Bike Electric - World's Smallest, Lightest, Folding Electric Bike

Buy A-Bike Electric | Watch Video

#6) Yike Bikes

YikeBike - City Commuter Electric Foldable Bike

Here's another folding electric bike that you should check out if you're in the market for a compact city commuter vehicle. While it may not win the award for smallest and lightest, it may win the award for having my butt on it while looking like a champion, because these Yike Bikes look fun! Their Model C is a bicycle and their Model V is optionally a tricycle with the third wheel add-on. Either will take you over 12 miles on a charge with speeds up to 14.3 mph. With their oversized front wheel design and bold color choices, riding a Yike Bike is about as badass as you can look on a tiny bicycle since you turned four.

YikeBike - Small Lightweight Electric Tricycle

Buy Model V | Buy Model C | Watch Video

#7) Boosted Boards

Boosted Board - World's Smallest Electric Vehicle (Skateboard)

So electric bikes are cool you say, but you want even smaller and lighter? Okay, I'll deliver. Check out the Booster Board, the self proclaimed world's lightest electric vehicle. This wireless remote controlled skateboard will take you up to 12 miles on a charge via its extended battery pack at speeds up to 22 mph with enough power to climb 25% grade hills. Sounds cool, right? I'm thinking the same thing as you right now, which is WHERE CAN I GET ONE? Even if I couldn't ride a skateboard, I'd just sit down on this thing and lazy my way through town.

Boosted Board - World's Smallest Electric Vehicle (Skateboard)

Buy Boosted Board | Watch Video

#8) Future Motion OneWheel

Future Motion OneWheel - Single Oversize Wheeled Skateboard

“Paul, the Boosted Board is cool but it isn't too futuristic looking. It just looks like a skateboard.” <-- That's what you sound like right now. And you're right. I totally want a Booster Board because it's an awesome way to get around town, but it wasn't necessarily designed to turn heads, unlike the OneWheel by Future Motion on the other hand… WOWZERS! Described by HiConsumption Magazine as, “The closest thing to year-round snowboarding ever envisioned.” The OneWheel looks like a freakin' blast to ride with an up to 7 mile range and 19 mph top speed. But if that doesn't sound like enough distance on this thing, don't worry, you can be out for another session after only 20 minutes which is all it takes to reach a full charge.

Future Motion OneWheel - Single Oversize Wheeled Skateboard

Buy OneWheel | Watch Video

#9) Tesla

Tesla Model S

Speaking of fast-charging futuristic badass long range electric vehicles… Tesla anyone? “Did you really add Tesla to this list, as if I've never heard of a Tesla before?” Hey, I don't know what rock you've been living under, or rather, which deserted island you've been living on since 2003. Remember, we're travelers here, and sometimes it's easy to get distracted and find yourself apart from society for 14 years, so maybe you never heard of a Tesla since Nikola. But in all seriousness, I included Tesla Motors on this list because I have a huge business crush on Elon Musk, as you may know if you read this blog, and I think that he is a living legend who is changing the world for the better. Which by the way, read this relatively new book called Rocket Man: Elon Musk In His Own Words for a snapshot look at how amazing Elon Musk is, and then pass it along to your friends so they'll know too. I'm not in the market for a car at the moment (my current one sits in my parents driveway 10 months out of the year while I'm out of the country), but when I am in the market in the future, I am without-a-doubt buying a Tesla. Support the vision!

Telsa Model X

Buy Tesla | Watch Videos

#10) RocketSkates R10

RocketSkates R10 - Smart Electric Roller Skates

Now that you've got me thinking about Elon Musk, SpaceX, and rockets, let's take a look at these RocketSkates R10s, the world's first smart electric skates by Acton Global (no relation to Musk companies). Power these things by leaning on your on your toes to move forward and clicking your heels to brake. (I thought that clicking your heels was supposed to take you home?) The RocketSkates will take you up to 10 miles on a charge and are sure to turn heads when you pass by at speeds of up to 12 mph.

RocketSkates R10 - Smart Electric Roller Skates

Buy RocketSkates R10 | Watch Video

#11) Orbit Wheels

Orbit Wheels - Futuristic Roller Skates

Here's another futuristic looking pair of skates, this time with a little bit more Jetson-style to them as opposed to the Transformer-esq look of the RocketSkates above. And no batteries either so you don't have to worry about finding a place to recharge. Orbit Wheels feel like you're riding a skateboard, but look like you're riding through space. No buckles or straps needed, just slip your feet in and start moving.

Orbit Wheels - Futuristic Roller Skates

Buy Orbit Wheels | Watch Video

#12) Tern Folding Bikes

Tern Electric Folding Bike

Speaking of Transformers, here comes the Tern Folding Bike, a fold-up electric bike that's the same length as a regular bike, but packs down to 1/3 its volume in less than 10 seconds so you can store it anywhere with ease, including your efficiency apartment that doubles as your startup's office in the day. Not to mention, it can be extended to add up to two seats for two tiny passengers making it the ultimate family commuter bike.

Tern Electric Folding Bike GIF

Buy Tern Folding Bike | Watch Video

#13) ELF Solar Powered Car

The ELF Organic Transit - Solar Powered Electric Tricycle

Here's a little three-wheeled electric city commuter trike with a rooftop 100W solar panel that'll keep you charged and moving throughout the day. The ELF by Organic Transit can go up to 20 mph when powered by just the motor or up to 30 mph if you peddle. The motor itself will take you 48 miles on a charge, but you can recharge it in 2.5 hours via an electric outlet, or in 7 hours using just the sun. Why they didn't hire Will Ferrell in an Elf costume to be their company spokesman is beyond me! But regardless, this looks like a fun family and environmentally friendly way to get around town.

The ELF Organic Transit - Solar Powered Electric Tricycle

Buy The ELF | Watch Video

#14) Fiat Ducato Camper Van

Fiat Ducato Camper Van

If The ELF electric vehicle is, well, too elfishly tiny for your tastes, and you're looking for a vehicle that can take you places other than across town, discover the Fiat Ducato Camper Van – a versatile, modular, and customizable camper that can take you anywhere connected by road. And you should be pretty comfortable once you get there too with two retractable televisions, a convection stovetop, a sink, and a king-size bed. Heck, it's bigger than some apartments I've seen in China!

Fiat Ducato Camper Van

Buy Fiat Camper Van | Watch Video

#15) Shaman All Terrain Vehicle

Shaman Russian All Terrain Vehicle Snow

There are times – and I'm sure you can relate to this – when simply getting places isn't enough, and instead, I want to topple over everything in my path along the way. And for that type of vehicular dominance, nothing else but the Russian-made Shaman All Terrain Vehicle will do. Part ATV / part military tank, the Shaman boasts unmatched off-road and amphibious capabilities. Even the biggest of trucks will get the fuck out of your way when the Shaman is coming through.

Shaman Russian Amphibious Vehicle

Shaman Russian All Terrain Vehicle Interior

Buy Shaman | Watch Video

#16) Renegade Hovercraft

Renegade Hovercraft

What's a list of futuristic vehicles without a hovercraft? And what's a conversation about hovercrafts without mentioning Renegade Hovercrafts, the leaders in high performance recreational and commercial hovercrafts? I dare you to ride one of these things without bursting into an ear-to-ear grin! And if you can afford to take home one of these vehicles, it won't break your wallet to enjoy using it as the Renegades get about 15 mpg which is more than some sport utility vehicles.

Renegade Hovercraft For Fun or Commercial Use

Buy Renegade Hovercraft | Watch Video

#17) Outrider USA Electric Adventure Vehicles

Outrider USA Electric Adventure Vehicle Off Road

Now here's an electric vehicle that I imagine is probably a lot more fun to ride than it looks. At first I thought it was an extreme wheelchair for the handi-super-capable, but it's actually an electric adventure vehicle that you ride while sitting in what looks like a resting position. These Outrider USA Electric Adventure Vehicles come in all electric models or have the options of foot or hand pedaling + electric propulsion. What started as a Kickstarter concept evolved into a highly adaptive all terrain adventure vehicle ready for whatever you can throw its way.

Outrider USA Electric Adventure Vehicle

Buy Outrider USA Adventure Vehicles | Watch Video

#18) ICON A5 Sports Aircraft

ICON A5 Sports Aircraft

Had enough of adventuring on land? Now let's take to the sky with the ICON A5 Sports Aircraft, which as the company describes, is “designed to change the way you interact with the world, even if you've owned an aircraft in the past. The combination of folding wings, amphibious capability, and an optional custom trailer means you can own an A5 without ever setting foot on an airport.” The A5 is literally a vehicle of the future that you can own now, that is, if you put your deposit down soon because production is limited during their early stages. Make sure to watch the video for this one.

ICON A5 Sports Plane Parachute

Buy ICON A5 | Watch Video

#19) The Helicycle

The Helicycle by B.J. Schramm of Eagle R&D

Continuing the trend of dominating the air, next up we've got The Helicycle, a personal single seat helicopter, conceived and designed by B.J. Schramm, the founder of RotorWay International. The Helicycle “embodies all desirable features that could be engineered into a single machine” and was the lifelong dream of Schramm, which he was able to realize before his unfortunate death in 2004 as a result of a helicopter crash in his own invention.

The Helicycle by B.J. Schramm of Eagle R&D

Buy The Helicycle | Watch Video

#20) U-Boat Worx Private Submarines

U-Boat Worx Personal Submarine

We've taken our adventure to the streets, off-road, and into the skies. Now it's time to explore Earth's biggest mysteries – the oceans – with our U-Boat Worx Private Submarine. Sitting behind the controls of one of these submersible vehicles and witnessing underwater life first hand with its 360° panoramic view can only be described as “out of this world” and a rare experience that any explorer would be lucky to have.

U-Boat Worx C-Researcher

Buy The U-Boat Worx Submarines | Watch Video

#21) The Exosuit by Nuytco

The Exosuit Underwater Exploration Suit

If your private submarine doesn't give you enough flexibility to get out and explore, try the Exosuit by Nuytco Research Ltd, a metal dive suit that allows divers to operate at a depth of 1000 feet and still move around with unparalleled dexterity and flexibility. This ain't your everyday wetsuit! And if 1000 feet isn't deep enough, they're also coming out with a 2000 feet version of the suit too.

The Exosuit Underwater Exploration Suit in Action

Buy The Exosuit | Watch Video

#22) Flyboard

Flyboard by Zapata in the air

And when you're not exploring the deepest and darkest depths of the Earth under the water, you can soar above it like an action hero on your Flyboard. Even AquaMan couldn't move like this! Powered by your jet ski, the Flyboard can take you tens of feet into the air or propel you down and into the water like a dolphin. This hydroflyer by Zapata may confine you to the water, but when you're on one of these you might not want to leave!

Flyboard by Zapata

Buy Flyboard | Watch Video

#23) Gibbs Sports Quadski XL

Gibbs Sports Quadski XL on Water

Last but definitely not least by Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc comes The Quadski XL, a hybrid off-road amphibious vehicle that pushes boundaries to ensure that the adventure never ends whether on land or water, with speeds up to 45 mph on either. Over 1000 have been sold and the company is currently working on the next generation of sport amphibious vehicles. I'll take mine in black, just like Batman's.

Gibbs Sports Quadski XL on Land

Buy The Quadski XL | Watch Video

And that concludes our list. Or does it? What'd I miss? What are some futuristic personal transportation vehicles currently available for sale that I should add to Part 2 of this article? Drop your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for reading and be sure to share this article with your friends who love travel and technology.

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  1. Joe

    Futuristic? Are you being serious? We’ve had electric unicycles, electric bikes, electric skateboards, etc. for years now. I got my electric unicycle in 2015, and have had an electric bike since the 90s.

    • Paul @ Travel is Life

      I wrote this article in 1975. You’re just finding it? LOL. Know of any futuristic personal transportation vehicles I should add to the list?

  2. Travie

    Take a look at the Jetson One eVTOL vehicle.


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