10 Surprising Things About Tbilisi Georgia

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Join us in Tbilisi, Georgia as my friend Yeye Fu and I share what we've learned about Tbilisi and Georgian culture during our first few weeks in the city as digital nomads. You can also watch and share this video on YouTube and Facebook.

#1 Georgians are famous for their hospitality on this side of the world.

Georgian Hospitality

Georgians believe that guests are sent from God. That's why Mother Georgia perched above the city center is both the their host and protector. The wine in her left hand welcomes guests who come as friends, while her sword welcomes enemies.

#2 Georgians love Coke!

Georgian Coca Cola best in the world

The Coca Cola here is mixed and bottled using Georgian water, which some people say makes it the best Coke in the world!

#3 Cashiers put change on the counter.

Georgians put change on counter

Instead of in your hand. Which is why my first week here, I was always left standing at the counter with my palm facing the heavens waiting for change. It's a habit that's hard to break because that is how we accept change back home!

#4 Taxi drivers always ask for directions.

Taxi Drivers in Tbilisi Georgia

For some reason though, even though I enter the address into an app and they have GPS directions, every taxi driver still asks me how to get there. But I have no idea where I'm going! That's why I used an app. Maybe it's just their way of making conversation!

#5 Georgians wear their wedding ring on their right hand.

Georgian wedding rings on right hand

So if you're single and looking to flirt a little, make sure to look at the right hand first.

#6 Food servers don't write down orders.

Georgian food servers

Georgians either have elephant memories and don't need to write anything down, or they just don't give a fuck if your order comes out right! I haven't yet decided which one yet hahaha

#7 Tbilisi loves their street dogs and cats

Street Dog Culture in Tbilisi Georgia

A decade ago, the government would round up and kill all the stray dogs and cats, but Georgians protested because they love their animals! So the city listened, reformed their animal programs, and instead started tagging, spaying and neutering, and vaccinating their street dogs. Now they've got some of the greatest street dog cultures I've ever seen!

#8 The crosswalks are underground.

Tbilisi crosswalks are underground

My first few days here, I could not find any crosswalks and kept wondering how people cross the street here! I walked up and down Rustaveli Ave for blocks trying to find a safe way to cross the street, until I learned that the crosswalks are actually underground. And they're all over the place!

#9 Georgian kids call their father “Mame”, and call their mother “Dade”.

Georgian parents

So you might be a little confused at your first family function.

#10 It's safe as fuck!

Is Tbilisi Georgia safe

Georgia is actually one of the safest countries in the world, and people especially in Tbilisi pride themselves on how safe their city is — which took some getting used to coming from South America.

What'd we miss? (Or get wrong?)

Yeye Fu and Paul Drecksler in Tbilisi Georgia

Yeye and I have just been here a few weeks, so we're not quite experts yet. So what'd we miss? Teach us something about Tbilisi or Georgian culture in the comments section below.

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Special thanks to Yeye and our local friends for guest starring in today's video. This video offers a very NEW perspective about life in Tbilisi, so feel free to share your thoughts or challenge anything in the video in the comments

I look forward to spending more time in this beautiful city to learn more and experience all that it has to offer. Got an idea for a video while I'm here? Message me on here or e-mail [email protected]. Thanks for being here, wherever you are in the world!

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10 Surprising Things About Tbilisi Georgia10 Surprising Things About Tbilisi Georgia10 Surprising Things About Tbilisi Georgia


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