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Join me in Santa Fe De Antioquia, a charming pueblo located just a couple hours outside of Medellín Colombia where tourists go to RELAX and SWIM in one of the town's 100+ pools! You can also watch this video on Facebook and YouTube.

The Story

Last week we took a drive from Medellín to spend the day in Santa Fe De Antioquia where we visited local museums, ate in European restaurants, swam in pools, and saw the town's most famous bridge El Puente de Occidente. (Watch that video too if you haven't already.)

Hotel Mariscal Santa Fe De Antioquia

Museum of Religious Art - Santa Fe De Antioquia

You might not be able to tell from walking down the street because they're all tucked away in courtyards, but the town is filled with SWIMMING POOLS! And that's because locals from Medellín come in flocks every weekend to get away from the city, relax, and swim in the tropical weather of Santa Fe De Antioquia. With over 100 pools in the small town, you can find one to fit every budget.

Pool in Santa Fe De Antioquia

Hotel Mariscal Pool Santa Fe De Antioquia

Video Transcript

Welcome to Santa Fe De Antioquia. Or as I like to call it… POOL TOWN!

Located just 58 kilometers from Medellín, this small town brings in tourists by the thousands every weekend for one refreshing reason. POOLS, POOLS, POOLS!

The town of just 23,000 residents has over 100 hotels, hostels, and private resorts with swimming pools in all shapes and sizes. Tourists come to Santa Fe De Antioquia to RELAX and SWIM! And with year round tropical weather due to its low elevation and proximity to the equator, Santa Fe De Antioquia has become a favorite hotspot for tourists and Antioquians alike.

What used to be a long and twisting ride through mountains is now possible in just a couple hours thanks to the construction of the Tunnel of the West – a 4.6 kilometer tunnel that shaved almost an hour off the trip. This tunnel is so long that its even got its own radio station!

While Medellín is one of the most modern cities in South America, on the other side of the tunnel, you can step back in time and visit this well-preserved pueblo to experience its colonial architecture and cobbled streets, cross one of the oldest and longest bridges in South America, and wash away your worries in your favorite pool… if you can pick one.

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