Are you looking for travel related group boards to join on Pinterest? When I first got big into Pinterest (follow my boards at, I was on the hunt for group boards to join. I had a relatively new account and didn't have many followers at the time so group boards allowed me to put my content out there to a larger audience on Pinterest. Initially, I found sites like PinGroupie and BoardBooster but their lists of travel group boards were small and not very relevant to my content. So I started searching through the profiles of top travel bloggers on Pinterest to see which group boards they were a part of and I compiled those boards onto a spreadsheet. As I journeyed down that rabbit hole, I found over 500 travel related group boards to join – of which I've joined many. And today, I'm going to share that huge list of group travel boards with you in order to save you HOURS of time pouring through Pinterest yourself to find travel group boards to join.

On this list you'll find group boards for: world travel, USA travel, solo travel, digital nomads, family travel, traveling specific countries / continents, luxury travel, budget travel, and so on. It's a huge list that took a lot of time and energy to create. The list is in no particular order, so you can either scroll through to browse it, or Ctrl+F (or Command+F on Mac) to search for specific keywords.

A few things to note about this list:

1. This list is FREE for you to reference and use to find travel related group boards, but it's not for you to replicate elsewhere. Please respect the time and energy I put into curating these group boards and if you'd like to share it, either link to this post from your blog or share the URL directly with travel bloggers who you feel it'd benefit.

2. If you'd like to add your travel group board to the list, please leave a comment with the board title and Pinterest URL (preferably in the WordPress Comments section instead of the Facebook Comments area). Thanks for your help making this the BIGGEST and most COMPREHENSIVE list of travel group boards for Pinterest on the web!

3. If you get value from this list, I've got other tools & resources you should check out in my Travel Blogger Success Kit.

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500+ Travel Group Boards to Join On Pinterest

✈ Travel The World Like A Pro (Our Community's Group Board)

Travel Bloggers' Finest


Washington the State


Travel to Thailand

Travel to Malaysia

All the RVing and Tailgating Things {Group Board}

Fellow foodie travelers

Travel Blogs | Sharing Travel with the World

Sydney – Best places to visit

Travel South East Asia

All About the Caribbean

Travel Bloggers' Finest

Travel Inspiration!

Travel Tips

✿ Happy Jetlagging! ✿ Travel the World ✿

United States Travel Bucket List

WORLDering around


Travel The World

Positive Impact | Responsible Tourism

Passport Collective Travel Community

Travel the World!

Blogging Around The Current World!

Faraway Travel Bloggers


All Things Travel

What Every Traveler Wants

Travel Adventure Paradise

Let's Take A Trip

Stumbling Around the World One Country at a Time

On The Move

Around the Globe Travel

Adventure Travel Tips

Adventure Travel Stories

Travel Guides from Pros

Travel Inspiration

The Perfect Beach Escape (Shared Board)


Lovers of Wanderlust

Blogger Friendly Hotels, Hostels and Accommodation

*Travel around the world*

Travels Tips & Posts

The Big Travel Bucket List

**| Travel Around The World |**

Mappin Monday


Travelling – want to!

**Travel Advice from the Pros**

Travel Bloggers' Posts

Girls Gone Global

Come Travel With Us!

Travel the World


Travel Pinspiration

Favorite Travel Articles

Travel Bloggers Unite

Travel Destinations Discovery Hub

***The Bucket list***

Freaking Awesome Travel Destinations!

UK Travel Bloggers

Pin Your Planet | Travel

City Attractions Discovery Hub

Ultimate Travel List

Travel Dreams

Stumbling Around the World One Country at a Time


Feet that travel the world

Travel Blogger Wanderlust

Travel Shares

Europe Travel Tips & Inspiration

The Ultimate Travel Board


Travel Anywhere

· The Best Travel Tips & Posts ·

Oh, The Places We Go!

Beautiful Places Around the World

Travel Inspiration – Future Trip Ideas

Awesome Travel Lists

Great Places to Visit!

Incredible Travel Tips

FTB Budget Travel

Amazing Travel Blog

Travel Birds

Travel Blog Posts you MUST read


Adventure Travel Stories

Dream Destinations

Amazing Places

Road Trips Around the World

Responsible Travel Tips & Resources

The World Around Me – Travel Blogger's Posts

World Travellers || Flight Fishing

Travel Bloggers Corner

Favorite Places || Flight Fishing

Awesome Travel Blogs (Group Board)

Travel – Pin Your Travels!

Travel Bloggers Tell All

Amazing Scenic Views

Bucket List

The RE-PIN Exchange

Travel Guides

Around the world

Awesome Views

Pinspirational Travel!

Travel Inspiration from Top Travel Bloggers


Pin Everything!

Travel the World

Beautiful Places & Travel Plan

★ Amazing Places ★

Amazing Places

Everyone`s Creative Travel Spot

Places to travel

Explore The World

Travel: Our Favourite Travel Bloggers


Awesome Travel Board

~Wish I Was Here~

I love travelling


Awesome Travel Spots

Travel: Soft Adventure

Travel: Out of Your Comfort Zone

My all time favorite travel pictures

Too Many Places to Visit in a Lifetime

We Travel We Blog

Sustainable Adventures

Adventure Travel – Adventurebods

» A Traveler's World #TravelStruck

Beautiful places (Sun,Sky,Sea & Sand)

Ultimate Travel Wishlist

I have to go here….


Favorite Places & Spaces

Travel Guides & useful info



Travel Blogs I Love – Share Yours!

Your Travel Blog

Travel's Best

Travel The World

Travel The Earth

Amazing Places where I would love to be

travel blogging

Where have you been? Where are you going?

Places To Go

Traveler's Corner

Cultural Tourism

World Food

Drinks of the World

✦ Amazing Travel Spots ✦


Food Worth Traveling For

A Travel Group Board

Memory of Travel

Places to travel

Only ONE Pin by Day!

List of my best travelling spots

Travel US

Travel & Eat

Travel pics

Travel Inspiration

::::::: World Travel (admin invited only) :::::::

All Over The World ☼

*~Simple Pleasures ~*

*** I want to see the world ***


. beautiful places .

Sunrise & Sunset !!!

The Best Travel Pins

A Traveler's Paradise


Beautiful Places

Pretty Places

Travel Ideas

Intresting Spots in USA

Round The World


~ Explore the World ~

Best destinations of the world!

It's Travel Time Pinterest

Destination: The World!

♔ ♔ travel the world ♔ ♔

✿ Incredible World ✿


Around The World


Travel on a Budget

For The Love of Solo Travel

Global Markets For the Best Travel Shopping around the World

Travel Group Board

Travel Inspiration

*All about travel*

Ultimate Travel Bucket lists


Travel Destinations

Travel Merchandise: Group Board

Product & Travel Destination Reviews

Travel Gift Ideas and Reviews

I Love Travel Blogging


Travel Blogs

Travel Far And Wide

Travel & Lifestyle

Travel the World


Travel Story

Adventure and Travel Blog Posts

Europe Travel Wonders

Travel. Experience.

Caribbean Travel Collection

Let's Travel the World

Holidaya!!! travel the World .Vacaciones y viajes. Voyage voyage

The Great Outdoors

Travel Inspiration ✈

family travel inspiration

Best Travel Destinations

Blogging: From Start to Finish

✈️TRAVEL – All you ever need to plan!✈️

Travel Group Board

The best of Europe

Traveler's Corner

Travel Adventure || Group Board

Key To The City Travel Guide | Detail

G E T A W A Y | Escape

S E Asia Travel

Travel: Explore the world and go on a vacation

Travel Karma

Team Carry On

Travel the world ~group board


Crazy Travel Adventures


Travel Tips from Travel Bloggers

✈️TRAVEL – All you ever need to plan!✈️

Travel Treasures

Stunning landscapes

Pinterest Stuff I Love!

Group Board: Travel Wish List


Meet The Travelers [Join Here]

Beautiful Places [Join Here]

The Best Travel Pins [Join Here]

Disney L♡ve

Wanna Go to There

sOuth aMerica reGional trAvel ⛱ MExico Caribbean Central Brazil Argentina Peru Colombia 2018 Guid

City Tripping

The Weekly Postcard


Travel inspiration



Let's travel!


Travel | Europe

Global Travel Collective

Travel Secrets

Food: International Foods and Recipes

Travel More

Someday, somehow

✈ ✈ ✈ Everything Travel! Where Do You want to Go, Where Have You Gone???

We love to TRAVEL!!

I'll go there!!


Travel Wish List

awesome beautiful from around the world

Awesome Places and Views

See The World


From All Corners of the World

Food and Travel

globe trotter

world travelers

!! Travel : Around the world

Travel Dreams

✈Take Me There!✈

Beach Living

Travel, Adventure & Wanderlust

Dream Vacations


Travel: Best Pictures & Articles

❤️ Travel Worldwide ❤️

Beautiful Places


Beautiful World

let's travel the world together!

China Travels: Exotic, Enchanting & Memorable Journeys

Places I want to go

Best spot for tourism


Places i have visited

The best spots for vacation around the world

Beautiful earth

Cheap Travel

Travel Blogger Posts


Bucket List

Go, See, Discover…

Inspired To Travel

Will work for Travel

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger Pinterest Community

*All about travel*

✈ Travel Stories ✈

Travel blogging


Family Travel Tips

Family Travel. Before you leave.

Travelling with children

Family Travel. Worldwide.

Product for Kids

Family Travel


Budget Travel Tips

✈️TRAVEL – Planning powerhouse!✈️

Travel Group Board

*Travel Around the World*

Travel Bucket List

What inspires you to travel?

Around the World


Explore Asia

Caribbean life

Lets Go To Europe!

6: Unique Places to Stay

Places to See Before you Die

Budget Travel

Travel Experts on Pinterest

Travel Blogging

Asia Travel Wonders

Travel Guide

Awesome Travel Spots

:: Places I Want to GO ::

Adventure Around the World

Outdoor Adventures & Actions

Family Vacation Ideas

Travelling With Kids

Must See Places in Europe

Your Travel


Pinspirational Travel!

Asia Travel

Caribbean Travel Collection

My all time favorite travel pictures

Explore The World

Places to travel

✦ Awesome Vacation Spots ✦


Love To Travel!



Travel Tips

Favorite Places & Spaces

Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board

Travel Karma

Culture of Wanderlust

Travel Bloggers' Posts

Travel the World

Share your blog post (group board)


Travel Bloggers

Best Pins of the Day!

Places to visit before you die

Everyone`s Creative Travel Spot

Soft Adventurer

Luxury Traveler

Culture Traveler

The Best Weekend Escapes in the UK and Europe!

Favorite Travel Destinations

Active Traveler

Travel Blog Success

****Travelers of the World COMMUNITY/GROUP BOARD****

Traveldudes RTW

Travel: Adventures in Wanderlust

Culinary Flavors of the World

Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

Awesome Bloggers ⭐️

*** Boutique Travel ***


Travel the World

Top Travel Blogs: Some of the Best Travel Writing

World of Wanderlust

Travel Bloggers' Posts

Luxury Hotel Reviews & Features


Europe Travel Tips

North America Travel Tips

V i l l a S h a r e . T r a v e l B l o g s


Practical Travel Tips and Advice

The Best from Traveling Couples


Explore The World

Our Type of Traveler

Blogging passion !

travel blogging

Travel Bloggers Unite

Places to Visit

Itineraries & Travel Guides

Drifters Unite – Travel Bloggers

Live & Work Abroad

Blog Your Best


Digital nomad

Travel Destinations

The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging

Expat Chat

Best Blogs Of Pinterest

My Favorite Blogger Posts

Central Asia and The Caucasus

let's travel the world together!


Travel Bucket List

Pintastic Bloggers Group Board

Traveling Life

Travel Tips


Beautiful Places To Visit

The Best Travel Tips and Ideas

What Yet to See


Travel & Eat

Top Travel Pins


The Traveller's Guide

Travel Around the World

Travel and Explore!

ADVENTURE | travel

Luxury Travel Destinations

Pro Bloggers Group Board

Best Travel Blogs, Tips & Tricks

Budget Travel Tips`

United States of America with LookLeft

GYPSY VITA-World Traveler

Travel Blogs

Travel Addict Blogs

European travels

Beautiful Italy

Girls Gone Global

Hungry Travels: Food Worth Traveling For

Locals Only Travel Secrets

Gap Year

See The World

Foodies Who Travel | Passport & Plates

✦ Amazing Travel Spots ✦

Roadtripping the Planet

Travel the World

Travels in USA and Canada

Bloggers HIKING in North America

Great Travel Tips

Palm Fringed Beaches

Stunning Cities

City Breaks | Travel

Travel Guides Off the Beaten Path

Cafe' & Coffee Culture

Travel Resources

Travel Bloggers' Posts

Travel Guides & useful info

Amazing Australia

Where to Eat on Vacation

Wanderlust Life

✈️TRAVEL – Planning powerhouse!✈️

US Travel Destinations

Wanderlust Experts (Group Travel Board)

UK Travel Bloggers

The world as we see it

Travel & Lifestyle

*****UK Bloggers*****

Around the Globe Travel

Beautiful Italy


Family Travel

Family Travel Tips

Caribbean Travel Collection

Travel Bloggers

✈ Travel Birds ✈

Around the world


Map Your Insider Travel Tips

Travel Writer Recommendations

World [email protected]


Community Best Trips in Pictures

Great Bloggers

✈ Incredible Travel Inspiration ✈

Travel, Lifestyle & Photography Group The Epicurious Explorers

Awesome Travel Inspiration!

Best Travel Blogs, Tips & Tricks

Girl [TRAVEL] Talk

Explore The World


Always Travel | Tips & Guides

AirBnB Tips

Travel the Globe

Thanks for being here, wherever you are in the world!

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