La Punta, Callao Peru: This Beach Rocks!

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White sand beaches are overrated. They don't rock like this beach. Welcome to La Punta Callao, a small Beach on the northern side of Lima Peru where you can trade your bare feet for sneakers and soft white sand for pebbles and rocks.

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La Punta Callao Rocks on the Beach

You can also leave your purse on the beach while you swim because this beach is CRIME FREE! La Punta is one of the safest places in Lima Peru because technically it's not in Lima. La Punta is part of Callao which is considered a “constitutional province” and is administered by a different state government who take crime prevention seriously.

La Punta Callao is Crime Free

La Punta was settled by Italian Peruvians in the early 20th century and became a hotspot for Peruvian elite in the 1930s. To this day, the wealthy have stayed put in this area, which might be obvious by the prevalence of yacht clubs and boats.

Yacht Clubs and Boats in La Punta Callao

Spend the day in La Punta Callao. Catch some sun. Take a swim in the clean water. Take a boat tour to San Lorenzo and swim with the sea lions. And if you're feeling brave, you can bury yourself in the sand.. just not too deep.

Buried in Rocks in La Punta

Safety. Sea lions. Swimming. That's why this beach rocks! Oh yeah, and also the rocks.

Rocks in La Punta

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