Can you name these 7 Presidents?

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Can you name these seven Presidents? We put tourists to the test to see if they could name world leaders, and the results were, umm… 😆🤓🤔 How many would you have gotten right? You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Now test your skills even further with our 20 question World Leaders Quiz!

Special thanks to my friend Yeye Fu for helping me shoot this video after a random conversation about world leaders when we were in Tbilisi Georgia, and to our contestants who we probably should've given the wine to anyway just for having tried this super hard quiz!

We shot this video in the historic district of Tbilisi Georgia, which turned out to be an amazing city! Not that I expected otherwise, I just didn't know much about Tbilisi before I arrived. Check out the other video Yeye and I did together entitled 10 Surprising Things About Tbilisi Georgia.

While in Tbilisi Georgia, I also gave money to everyone on the street for a day and visited Gergeti Trinity Church (the mysterious church on the mountain) in Stepantsminda — so you should check out those videos too!

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7 Presidents Street QuizCan you name these seven Presidents?


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