Why Do We Travel?

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Why do YOU travel? What does travel mean to you? In this short film, I explore what travel means to me and why I choose to live this lifestyle. Written in verse through the eyes of a long time traveler. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.


Why do we travel?
What is it that we find here
That we cannot find here?

When we travel
Are we coming?
Or going?
Running away…
or leaping towards?

Why do we travel?
Looking for a world outside of home
Only to return and discover
That there is no home
To come home to
Because the home we knew
Existed in a different time and place

It is not the same
And we are not the same
We are visitors in someone else's home now
Once again

So why do we travel?
Why do we sacrifice
A single precious moment
Of the good old days
Instead of living in them

Maybe first we should ask ourselves
What is travel

To me, Travel is embracing
That change happens
In front of or behind us
So we may as well live ahead

Travel is starring in your own film
While simultaneously playing an extra
In someone else's

Travel is experiencing
A moment in time
That no one else ever has or will
But others will try

Travel is changing
And the world
One journey at a time

Travel is learning
To forgive
And to forget

Travel is realizing
What really matters
And just how lucky we are
Because someone's always got it worse

Travel is changing plans last minute
To take a new adventure with new friends
And discover somewhere not in the guidebooks
Because that's always been the plan

Travel is having an intimate conversation
With someone you'll never see again
Without ever exchanging names

Travel is getting lost in the world
Forgetting what day it is
And even sometimes
Forgetting your own birthday

Travel is realizing
That not everything you thought to be true
Is true

Travel is what you make of it
And what you take from it

Travel is life

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