Two Beaches Are Better Than One

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Welcome to Cabo San Juan del Guia, a magical beach with a dual coastline, located in the heart of Tayrona Park Colombia. This is one private beach you've got to earn, as it's only accessible via a 2 hour hike from the park's entrance. Last week, my friend Stephanie Linder and I took a two day trip from Santa Marta Colombia to enjoy Tayrona Park, one of Colombia's national treasures, and we spent the night on this beautiful beach in Cabo San Juan. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Stephanie and Paul in Cabo San Juan

Cabo San Juan Beach

Stephanie and Paul Tayrona Park

Video Transcript & Credits

How about I take you to not just one private beach in Colombia, but two?

Welcome to Tayrona Beach! This beach, or beaches rather, are beautiful and a great place to spend the day, but you've got to earn them. A bus will only take you as far as the entrance of Tayrona Park, and from there you've got to hike about two and a half hours to reach Cabo San Juan del Guia. But once you arrive, you'll be glad you did.

Tayrona Park is one of Colombia's national treasures nestled between Colombia's Caribbean coast and Sierra Nevada, the world's highest coastal mountain range. The park spans over 150 square kilometers and is home to 300 species of birds.

In the heart of the park is Cabo San Juan del Guia, a magical beach famous amongst travelers for its dual coastline.

If you can brave the hike, you arrive in paradise to relax on a private beach. Then you can spend the night sleeping on a hammock listening to the waves crashing beneath you.

A perfect way to end a perfect day.

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