If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I regularly share Nas Daily videos. I love his positivity and unique approach at sharing human interest stories from around the globe.

Aside from personally enjoying his work, there is a lot to learn from Nas about travel vlogging and storytelling. It takes a mastery of both to be able to do so in 60 seconds – not to mention EVERY &$%#ing DAY!

As I'm growing my own video channels on Facebook and YouTube (please Like / Subscribe if you haven't already), I'm attempting to learn from the best – and that includes Nuseir Yassin. So here are 21 things I learned about travel vlogging and life from Nas Daily.

#1 You've got to start somewhere.

It's easy for us new vloggers to compare ourselves on Day 1 to someone like Nas Daily on Day 671. But never forget that they too started somewhere. It's fun to scroll back to the original videos of some of my favorite vloggers and see how their original work differs from what I'm seeing today. For example, here's Nas on Day 2: Stuck in Cairo Airport

Day 2: Stuck in Cairo Airport

Day 2: Stuck in Cairo Airport.They won't let me in the country, so I had to kill time somehow.

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, April 11, 2016

Versus Nas on Day 669: IT'S ALWAYS SUMMER HERE!


With freezing temperatures in the North…This. Is. The. Spot!! —-That's it for Egypt!! So thankful to everyone that came out. Thank you for being you – and major shout out to Sherif from Gazef for being the best tour guide I could imagine. You rock! And above all, thank you to Gabe Tiano for coming to Egypt from Australia to help me edit and shoot these videos. You rock too! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Arcadia by SANDR from Argofox Gaming

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Both great videos – but a noticeable difference in production quality. You could've made the first video on your cell phone! (Which he might have.)

#2 It only takes about 154 words to fill 60 seconds so choose them wisely.

I'm very guilty of attempting to make a short video that ends up over 4 minutes long. And after a few attempts at making a one minute video, I realized that I was trying to say too much in a limited space. Nas has mastered the ability to tell a BIG story in a SHORT amount of time, and I was curious how many words he was using in each video to do that… so I counted.

I took a random 20 sample set of his most recent videos (from 2018) and counted the words. These stats DO NOT include the words in the title of the video but DO include his catch phrase, “That's 1 minute. See you tomorrow!” at the end of each video. And here's what I found:

Number of Words: 127 : 154 : 113 : 155 : 170 : 159 : 182 : 130 : 148 : 136 : 157 : 150 : 146 : 178 : 143 : 150 : 181 : 173 : 158 : 173

That comes out to an average of 154 words per video. So if you want to tell a story in 60 seconds like Nas, you'll want to hover around 154 words with at least 110-130 words and no more than 170 – 180. This isn't an exact science and I'm no mathematician, but it should give you an idea of about how many words to use in your script if trying to write a 60 second video.

#3 It's okay to pivot after you've discovered what's right for you.

At the beginning of his journey, his Facebook page name was Nas Videos, but on Day 30: Introducing Nas Daily! – he discovered a name that better reflected what he was doing. So he made the switch and never looked back.

Day 30: Introducing Nas Daily!

Goodbye Nas Videos! After 30 days of doing this every day, I think the name Nas Daily reflects better what I do here. It's not the video that matters, it's the day. Everything else is still exactly the same.Here's to the next 30!

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, May 8, 2016

When I started Travel is Life in Dec 2015, it began as a t-shirt company but I had much bigger aspirations. All I knew was that I wanted to build a travel business that I loved thinking about and working on every day. Since then I've allowed myself to pivot when necessary, and I'll continue to do so until I get it right.

#4 Shit doesn't always work out the way you want it to.

One of my favorite Yiddish proverbs is, “Make plans. God laughs.” And no-one understands that more than a traveler, as learned by Nas on Day 34: When Plans Fall Through.

Day 34: When Plans Fall Through

This could be my favorite video because it's the most real. Plans fell through and all went downhill – but there's still a minute video! πŸ˜‰

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, May 12, 2016

In my own limited experience with making travel videos, I've had the audio not come out on interviews, I've attempted to collaborate on videos with people who didn't follow through, I've had plans to visit places that got rained out, and other times I simply ran out of time and couldn't deliver an idea.

But on the flip side of that coin, one of my favorite videos that I've done so far called The Most Beautiful Stone House in the World was completely unplanned. My friends Chris and Kim and I were leaving lunch and Chris said, “I know a great place to take you nearby.”

When we arrived at this beautiful home, I was completely caught off guard, but I pulled out my phone and started recording – and the rest is history. For every one thing that doesn't work out, something else great will.

The Most Beautiful Stone House in the World

Join me at Casa Santiago y Gloria – a beautiful home in Envigado Colombia that was built stone by stone over the course of 32 years by a visionary man for the woman he loves most. This is a story about hard work, persistence, and true love. Subscribe to Travel is Life for more travel videos and visit us online at TravelisLife.org. YouTube: https://youtube.com/travelislifeorg * * * * * * * * * *SPECIAL THANKS TO:-Chris Blachut and Kim Roberts of @theunconventionalroute for introducing me to this home. It was an unplanned visit after we hiked up to La Catedral that turned into a highlight of the day. (And also thank you for your guest appearances in the video at 3:20.)-Giulia De MΓ©dici for transcribing and translating my interview with Santiago. -Santiago and Gloria for your hospitality and for the lovely tour of your home. (They aren't on Facebook but I promised to stop back by and show them the video when it was complete.)* * * * * * * * * *VIDEO: The Most Beautiful Stone House in the World – Copyright by TravelisLife.org 2018Produced by: Paul E Drecksler* * * * * * * * * *MUSIC (in order of appearance):-Together with You by JR Tundra-Despite the Traffic by Wes Hutchinson

Posted by Travel is Life on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#5 Work with the tools you've got.

Every travel vlogger wants a drone, a better camera, a stabilizer, and a unidirectional microphone. (Okay, well that's my wishlist.) But I don't let the lack of that equipment stop me from producing video content, and neither should you. Let's not forget Nas on Day 44: THEY TOOK MY DRONE! when the government of Nepal took away his drone for 6 days until they came back from Annapurna. He still put out some amazing videos over the next week.


WOW THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME.I knew one day a government official would not like my drone. It happened in Nepal…so they took my drone away for the next 6 days until we come back from Annapurna (Everest – 800m). πŸ™ I don't get it. Why wouldn't you wanna show how beautiful your country is? Yes, I'm from Israel, but I'm no spy!

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, May 22, 2016

Or there was Day 120: GoPro Fell In The Sea when Nas was filming a time lapse video in Greece and dropped his GoPro (without the case) into the sea.

GoPro Fell In The Sea

As I was making a time-lapse of beautiful Greek scenery, I accidentally dropped my GoPro in the sea….ugh. Thank you for 120 days of service….I'm in the market for a GoPro Hero 3 and above….anyone?LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@nasdaily on Instagram / Snapchat too.

Posted by Nas Daily on Saturday, August 6, 2016

Work with the tools you've got, which for me right now is a cell phone and a laptop. Besides, as Nas learned in Day 122: What I Travel With – the equipment you start with is definitely going to change overtime anyway – for better or worse.

What I Travel With

For today's video I wanted to go over what equipment I started traveling with…and what I have left…This past week has been especially harsh on my electronics, damaging my GoPro, Drone, and iPhone in one week. Ugh. Note: to be honest, all you need for good videos is a basic camera and compelling story. You DON'T need this much equipment to get started.LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@nasdaily on Instagram / Snapchat too!

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, August 8, 2016

#6 You're lucky to have a little Jew in you (ladies).

I remember recently on Day 646: FOUND OUT I'M JEWISH! when Nas discovered through a DNA test that he's about 1% European Jewish. Which I say, good for him! And if he can accomplish all that he has and only be 1% Jewish, imagine what I can do at 100%!


When I got the results, I called my parents first thing and said: "I demand an explanation!" But in all seriousness, I think DNA tests are some of the coolest things to do. It really puts everything in perspective. And before the flood of comments on how to define Jewish or Muslim or Nigerian…trust me, I know. I'm NOT Jewish, I was born 110% Muslim….but that 1%…that 1%…that says a lot! Here is the breakdown for whoever cares: Middle East: 59% Caucasus: 17%Italy/Greece – 21% (Trace regions: 1% European Jewish)Asia South: <1% Nigeria: <1% I am also well aware that DNA tests might not be 100% exact science, but it's more science than fake news. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!Music: Beyond by Frame Away

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Now, before anyone gets too upset at me for making jokes like this, just know that I'm (mostly) kidding around. But even if you do get mad at me, that's okay too, because…

#7 Not everyone is going to like you.

People love Nas's videos because the content is positive, but after a while, some people started hating. People in Serbia hated him for his Kosovo videos. Israeli's hated him for his Palestine videos, and in return, Palestinians hated him for his Israel videos. But as he says on Day 508: PEOPLE HATE ME, “If 100% of the people love you and what you're doing, then you're doing it wrong.”


This one is long overdue…I am lucky to receive thousands of positive comments PER DAY. Yet I noticed that I spend too much time on that one negative comment from people who hate me / my videos. Then it dawned on me: If that stuff annoys me and I'm not easily offended, then how would a high school kid feel if they only get hate comments from bullies? It must be devastating! I made this video to remind myself, the haters, and the high school kid, that if you're not hated by someone, you're not doing anything different. Being hated means your opinion is worthy of being challenged. It means your opinion matters to someone. That's usually a good thing πŸ™‚ Thanks Cheska from Acceler8 Coworking for letting me use your space to film! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook! @NasDaily on Instagram!

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And as he learned in Day 664: Jews vs Arabs, you can't change everyone's mind. All you can do is continue to be yourself and spread your own positive message.

Jews vs. Arabs.

This took me a while to share. But here it is….in a 4 minute heart-felt video. It's about an experience I had two weeks ago in Jerusalem.That experience made me realize….these videos I make, they're not fun anymore. They're necessary. I need to find a way to get to these people's newsfeed. It's war. And we need to get more Jewish content in front of Arab Facebook newsfeed. It's just as necessary. The weather was nice today in Cairo πŸ™‚ LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!Music: I see you from the clouds by Premium Beat

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, February 1, 2018

You've got to have thick skin to produce content on the Internet. Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have. I've been protested and demonstrated against.

Well, come to think of it actually, I may be confusing my life with Eminem's, but I've been producing content online for 21 years and have definitely had my fair share of hate. Videos just bring out a new medium to hate me on. But that's okay, not everyone is going to like me. (Although I hope YOU do.)

#8 Sometimes you'll be lonely and depressed.

Traveling the world is awesome, right? I certainly love it, but there are times when I'm lonely. Starting over in a new city every few months and not knowing a soul takes a combination of willingness and patience. But if you ever find yourself lonely in a new city, or lonely in life in general, remember what Nas says in Day 649: i was lonely... “you're not lonely, you just haven't found your people yet.”

i was lonely.

Loneliness is a serious topic.As I celebrate 4 million followers today…Remember that 1.7 years ago, I had 200 friends. And 10 years ago, I had 2.I know a lot of young people watch this page, so if anything, I hope this helps. Like Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Full River of Reflection by Premium Beat

Posted by Nas Daily on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#9 It's okay to want better even if your life is good.

Do you ever feel guilty for wanting a better life (or at least a different one)? Is it possible to simultaneously want MORE while appreciating what you HAVE? Is a GOOD life GOOD ENOUGH?

At some point, you may have been complaining about your life to a friend or family member who in response told you that you should be appreciative of what you've got. And while that's true, I also feel that it's possible to have both APPRECIATION and DESIRE in your life at the same time. And as Nas teaches in Day 564: MY FIRST TEDx TALK!, you too can take your life from GOOD to GREAT!


TED Talks are normally 18 minutes. I got this one down to 1! Thank you to TEDx UExternado for inviting me to your country and your event. You have been wonderful so far. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Sir Ghostington by Ghost'n'Ghost

Posted by Nas Daily on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

#10 People are more interesting than places.

As a traveler it's easy to get caught up in the idea of making videos about the places you visit, and don't get me wrong, some of those videos are very educational / beautiful / interesting. But what I learned from Nas about being a travel blogger are that PEOPLE tell much more interesting stories than PLACES. Some of my favorite Nas videos were about the people he's met and the stories they shared including Day 650: SHE HAS 800 CATS!


You have a cat or a dog? Oh, I've got a story for you. Cyprus is well known for having a ton of cats, so we went to check out the Tala Monastery Cats there. And I was so pleasantly surprised! These guys are doing amazing work and the story of its founder is just as amazing. I also ended up sponsoring a cat – it's only 50 euros per year and I named the cat…"Nas Daily". I highly encourage you to sponsor too! πŸ™‚ Their PayPal is: info@talamonasterycats.com LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!Music: I'm Sitting Here by Philip E Stein

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, January 18, 2018

And Day 640: HE HAS TWO WIVES.


This is one of the harder topics to discuss, but here it is: Polygamy! In making this video, two things were very important:1) to be ultra respectful of Hajji, Fatia and Tabia. They've been nothing but amazing in making this video and super helpful and open! 2) Not to diss on other people's reality, but to show it to the world in a balanced way so you can draw your own conclusions. That's why I ended it with: "What do you think?!"If you're wondering how I got to meet Hajji, it's all thanks to you, the Nas Daily community. Special thanks to Volker from Kilimo Hai mushroom farm for helping me find Hajji! The comment section is one of the best parts of Nas Daily. It's where people debate, talk, and feel as a community. It's my home. So I'm looking forward to spending more time at home reading comments! πŸ™‚ Speaking of home, our trip to Zanzibar has sadly come to an end. Thank you mom, dad, and brother for coming with me (I hope it was fun!) and most certainly thank you to our family friend Salim from Our Zanzibar Group: Qambani Luxury Resort for hosting my family and I while I went out to make these videos. And above all, special thanks to RARI for letting me use his awesome song Birth. It's the best background song to make you think.Wow, so many thanks in this post.LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, January 8, 2018

And let's not forget Day 587: HE STOLE YOUR WALLET! (This one can make you cry!)


It's crazy to believe 5 words from a stranger 17 years ago could change a person's life. No one knows who Rachel is and where she is. Rachel, if you're watching this, you could find Edison and his work at Awaken!LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Birth by the talented RARI

Posted by Nas Daily on Friday, November 17, 2017

#11 One minute of video doesn't equal 60 seconds of footage

When I made my first video about TΓ© De Coca in Colombia, my first thought when I got home from shooting the video was, “$&*#! I don't have enough footage!” Lesson learned that day: You can never have too much footage. (Later I learned that NOT to be true – there is an ideal amount.)

The reason I wanted MORE footage is because in order to keep viewers interested in the video, I needed to have multiple clips that cut or transitioned every few seconds. A video with multiple scenes keeps your attention a lot better than 60 seconds of someone talking into a camera. But how many clips are TOO MANY clips? In a 60 second video, what's the ideal amount of transitions?

To find out, I took those same 20 videos from my sample set earlier and counted how many different clips were used, or rather, how many times the video transitioned from one clip to another. And what I found was that each of Nas's one minute videos contained an average of 17 clips per video, with the lower end of that range being 13 and the higher end being 23. Sometimes the clips transitioned rapidly, less than a second each, and other times they lasted up to 6-10 seconds. Again this isn't an exact science and each video will be different. That's just to give you an idea of how many different cuts occur over the course of a 60 second video to help you plan how much footage you need.

#12 Facebook is a better platform for travel videos than YouTube.

Nas isn't shy about the fact that he's not a fan of YouTube. He says in Day 369: WHY I HATE YOUTUBE that, “On YouTube, you're not real. On Facebook you are, and we can talk.” He also mentions that his friend's video got 30,000 views on YouTube and 200,000,000 views on Facebook. That's a big difference! And so far in my limited experience, I can relate to those stats. At the time of writing this, my most popular video Where Do All The Flowers Come From? has over 27,000 views on Facebook and only 123 views on YouTube.


I don't want to make this video. I need to make it. I turned down Youtube in favor of Facebook. To me, it's a crystal clear decision. Here is probably the longest explanation I'll write in my life. Enjoy reading. P.S I am not affiliated with Facebook or Youtube. This is purely my personal take on the Internetz, as I've been a user for 15 years. For anyone that wants to upload to the internet, consider this: Community:If your life is already great and you have all these celebrities as your friends, then good for you. Make videos about them. Most of us don't. I don't. So I need to build a community to meet new people and make videos with them. They don't have to be models, they just have to be real local people. On Youtube, the concept of messaging does not exist. It almost feels like a one way street, where the creator is the cool person, and the viewers are a degree below just consuming this content. Rarely do I see dialogue, interactions, meetups, or any eventful Youtube lives. When was the last time a Youtube Live made it to the news? Facebook mastered the art of messaging. If you message me the right thing, in 2 minutes we could be together making a video. I arrive in a new city, I share a picture, the next day 20 people show up. The power of the Facebook community is much much bigger. I don't know why more people don't capitalize on this incredible feature. The creator and the audience are on the same level, on Youtube they are not. If you want to create content, you need to think about what you want to get out of the people watching you. I want them in my videos and around me. I don't travel with 50 models and film crew, so I need people. That's why Facebook makes sense to me.Facebook keeps you accountable with a response rate. I know that was built for businesses, but if you use it well as a content creator, it really makes a big difference. Product: Over the past few years, Facebook has been one of the most innovative companies I've ever seen (even when they lack originality and clearly copy Snapchat, they can be smart). Youtube has roughly been stagnant. Take the Live feature. On Youtube it's almost unwatchable, the comments, the animations of the comments, the reactions, it's just shit. On Facebook, the way reactions pour in is pure masterful art. It's a delight. Great design. Facebook is designed to be mobile from the grounds up. I can do almost everything from my app while on the go. With Youtube, it almost feels like I need a damn desktop to perform certain tasks. Authenticity on Facebook is vital. When I can see your name, location and school means you can't write racist comments left and right. The amount of cyber-bullying I've seen in the Youtube comment section is huge. These usernames have definitely surprised me with their racist creativity. Do you want racists hiding behind screens commenting on your content? I don't, even if it means I put ads for them.In under-developed countries, Facebook is king. Free data, great compression of existing data, and consistent speed. That has allowed me to never miss a day for 370 days.Money:It amazes me how much people think they will need that ad-money. Ad-money is low hanging fruit. Unless you're Brad Pitt going into vlogging, ad-money won't make you millions of dollars. But if you're a simple person like me (that's 99.99% of the world), your ad money will only be useful once you hit it big. But going from nothing to something on Youtube is harder than on Facebook. Keep in mind: I made $0 on Facebook directly. Zero. But I made tons of money BECAUSE of Facebook. Real people see these videos that end up messaging you on Facebook for opportunities on the side. That, to me, is a better way to make money than to waste your 10 seconds just to watch my 60 second video. When it comes to money, don't be so short-sighted. It will come. Content:They say YouTube is great for 10 minutes videos, and Faebook for shorter videos. Yes, YouTube is better for longer content, but I have metrics that suggest Facebook isn't doing too bad. Consistently, any content I have that is a compilation (5 days in Morocco in 5 minutes) does extremely well on Facebook. My 15 days in Japan were viewed 1.1m times. When I put one compilation videos of the best 9 days, it got 6m views. There is room on Facebook for longer content, it just has to be good long content. No one is going to spend 30 seconds watching your boring time-lapse on Facebook, so you better make a better one. Why not both?I'm at a point in life where I have to develop principles and a set of beliefs and stick with them. I don't believe in Youtube or Snapchat and I can afford not to be on them, even if it means losing thousands of dollars and opportunities. When I had limited internet, uploading to two platforms was hard. Now I can upload all my videos to Youtube, but I choose not to. I want to put all my eggs in the winning basket, without putting anything in the sinking basket. Is YouTube that popular?I'd argue that YouTube is not as popular as we think it is. This billion Monthly Active Users is a cute number, but how is it calculated? When CNN puts a Youtube video for its users to see, that counts as a view. Up until recently, it was hard to embed Facebook videos. Not so much anymore. Soon, you will see more and more news outlets embed Facebook videos, and that should take a significant chunk from Youtube views. Looking at the metrics of my 1.6 mil views on Youtube, I saw over 80% coming from these websites, not from Youtube itself. So if the figure is real for everyone, could Youtube view count drop by 50-80%? I don't know, but it's something to think about.Not only that, but according to the WSJ, 85% of YT views come from 9% of users. THAT IS TERRIBLE. It means, in plain words, a handful of bored teens are spending hours watching a lot of stuff on Youtube. It's not the billions of people you expect. That's not the community you want. I want my community to be the untapped market. The ones that DON'T watch vlogs on Youtube. The forgotten ones πŸ™‚ YouTube is Not Social Enough:Their distribution has a serious problem. Facebook…being the cannibalizing crazy weird company…does not give distribution to Youtube links. Which means my friends are less likely to see a Youtube link if I share it on Facebook. Which means one-to-many shares of Youtube links is reaching an end. Which means most views on Youtube won't come from FB or news sources, they will come from Youtube bubble itself. And the amount of people that go on Youtube.com every day is dwindling. So the future isn't looking too bright.So in this regard, if Youtube doesn't give you the distribution you need to be discovered, it serves you and me as a HOSTING platform. It is the place I go to upload a video and share it with one friend, which is the worst use-case YT could ever want. ******* HOWEVER! ********YouTube Helped Me Go To Harvard: This is not a joke. I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube, how to play the piano and how to pen spin all from Youtube. It was one of the best platforms for me growing up. But that's exactly what it is. It's a search engine for videos that will teach you something. Nas Daily content isn't necessarily going to teach you how to play the piano, so it makes no sense for my content to reside on YT. For all other tutorials, YT is the best place for that because it's a wonderful search engine. If you make DIY videos, go on Youtube and forget Facebook (for now). Facebook Does Suck In Many Ways:I praised it a lot above. But at the end of the day, for vlogging, Facebook is not built for it. If you don't make shareable good content, you're toast. You're done. If you don't put subtitles, people won't listen. If your first 5 seconds are boring, kiss the whole video byebye. It almost feels like you're chasing people's short attention span. It sucks.That's why Nas Daily stresses me out. I can't make a video without a plot, an idea, something shareable. If some of my followers don't care about the topic, then Facebook just won't show my videos to my other followers. If a President is elected, the Facebook News Feed will be so busy that there is no space for my videos. I will get no distribution. These are real problems that Facebook needs to fix asap. There needs to be a secondary feed of videos. News Feed doesn't cut it anymore, and the Video feed needs to be as prominent as the News Feed. Heck, they should launch a stand-alone Facebook Video app, that will be a killer.Quality of content also sucks on Facebook. I am sick and tired of pranks and short 10 second clips that add no value. Unfortunately, these types of videos do best on Facebook. That's what the people want. But I'm not a comedian or an entertainer, so I don't know how to make these videos. So it's quite difficult to make content you think is "smart content" but also get the same views as that "dumb content". My content is not searchable. If you're Googling Philippines, my content probably won't show up. It's more likely to show up if I were on Youtube. Which is sad, because the money-distributers and the decision-makers of companies normally use these basic primitive channels to find people. The only way I can be found is if my content pops up on your feed and you're a decision maker at a company. But you can't find me first. Out of the 110,000,000 people my content has reached, enough people have been helpful (20 or so). But that figure could be more if I were on Youtube. Not a deal breaker though. At the beginning, I struggled a lot with community. I see pages with millions of likes, but content with 5,000 views videos. As you can see, even if you like my page, it doesn't mean Facebook will deliver my videos to you. I am constantly terrified that if I don't upload every day, all these likes are worth $0. It's all for nothing because FB can just tweak the algorithm, and then my whole career is toast. Building a company on top of Facebook is like walking in an area with sinkholes. Any given day you can kiss your life goodbye. However, in the past few months, I've been generally satisfied with the CONSISTENT high viewership my videos have been getting. Consistency of views is what I care about. Summary:You would be surprised by the amount of times I've been asked to put my videos on YT, especially when I'm reminded by the existing content creator community there. It's been a hard decision and it's one I would like to stand with. YouTube, to me, is an oligarchy. Few people make it big there, and the rest die trying.Don't be like the rest. Try new platforms for your content. Try Periscope, Instagram, Medium, Snapchat, or Facebook! One year ago, I decided to build my content for the platform I love: Facebook. I don't regret my decision. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on instagram too!

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, April 13, 2017

On day Day 219: Why I Don't Use YouTube, he also says, “When you're on top of the Himalayas with 2 kb/s upload speed, you kinda gotta choose one platform, and I choose Facebook.” And I can agree with that 100% as well. Aside from the time it takes to upload videos, it also takes time to write and format the descriptions and prep the videos for each different platform.

Why I don't use Youtube

THIS IS MY FINAL ANSWER as to why I don't put my videos on Youtube. Making this decision hasn't been easy, especially now that I have solid internet in the U.S. Despite all the problems with Facebook algorithms, I think it's the right move. Nas Daily is a Facebook Daily Show. Period.Please share your thoughts with me…in the form of Facebook comments, where I can know who you are. If not, then do message me….on Facebook…where it's easy to communicate. πŸ™‚ Goodbye Youtube. We've had a good run.LIKE Nas Daily on….Facebook. :)@NasDaily on SNAPCHAT, the sleeping giant. P.S – might still upload some videos to Youtube, but only if I need to share a link with someone that's not on Facebook. πŸ™‚

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, November 14, 2016

At the moment, I'm doing both Facebook and YouTube because I'm a big advocate of TESTING. Just because someone else had certain results doesn't mean that you'll get the same ones. However, even after only two months of putting out videos, the difference in my views on Facebook versus YouTube is staggering. YouTube has been great to me in the past for tutorial videos because they show up in search when people are looking to learn how to do something. But Facebook has been a better platform for telling stories.

#13 Keep your font size small on the titles of your video thumbnails

You'll notice that on Nas's video thumbnails that the font size on his titles are relatively small. But that's just on the thumbnail/cover photo. Once the video starts, you'll see that the title of the video quickly appears HUGE across the screen.

Nas Daily Episode Thumbnails

And the reason for this is that Facebook hates text in videos. They have a rule for using videos as ads that says, “Video thumbnail images that consist of more than 20% text may experience reduced delivery.”

Now granted that rule only applies to video advertisements and you can do whatever you'd like with your own videos that aren't being boosted, but their preference against text in videos applies either way. You'll get more exposure for your videos if your text does not exceed 20%.

However, keep in mind that this rule only applies to the video thumbnail and not the actual video. Facebook can either automatically generate a thumbnail for your videos or you can upload your own image – which I always do and Nas always does. Their 20% text guideline is determined by the video thumbnail, so feel free to use big font sizes within the actual video and just make sure that your thumbnail image adheres to their rules so that your videos receive the best reach possible.

#14 Your energy is contagious. Love what you do more than anyone else.

It's hard to choose just one Nas Daily video to showcase his intense energy and genuine love for what he does, but if I had to choose, check out Day 616: I'M A MILLIONAIRE! because it's a great example of just how RICH Nas is, which hasn't been a result of chasing the $$$$$.


I finally feel like a millionaire…before turning 30! I try very hard not to give advice in my videos. But if I were to give one advice, it would be this:A lot of people try to go for the dollars in the bank account. That's important. But after 616 days, I am 100% convinced social capital is the new currency. Having friends in every major city in the world is the best feeling in the world.Driving a Ferrari is not. If you're young or old, my advice: make more friends. You'll still make money (I'm not poor), but it'll just be a side effect. Thank you to the wonderful Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv for hosting all of us in your wonderful space and for hosting me in your hostel. It feels like home! And thank you for everyone that showed up for being so so so awesome! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!

Posted by Nas Daily on Friday, December 15, 2017

#15 The world is very transparent now so we might as well be clear along with it and let our light shine through.

I believe that transparency equals authenticity, but it's easy to get caught up in the idea of crafting your message or building your brand (or other marketing buzzwords) and lose what makes you yourself.

You've probably heard the famous Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – but that's easier said than done sometimes, especially when there's video involved. But as Nas says on Day 388: I Have $150,000, “I would like to build something big. And I would like to build it all together.” And whether you're building a vlog, a business, a career, or a project of immense importance to you, it's best to be transparent about your intentions.

I HAVE $150,000!

Every week or so, I will make a video about the company progress and be as transparent as possible about it.BUT WHY?!1. Being transparent helps me make better decisions.2. Being transparent helps you start your own company in your own way.3. Being transparent is scary, especially when things don't go well.For the above reasons, here is progress from last week πŸ™‚ If all goes well, by the end of this, we will have ~60 minutes of How To Build a Company. From nothing to success / bankruptcy. Whatever the outcome of this company, the documentation process of it will be awesome! If you're a software engineer, talk to me! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram.

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#16 Titles should be short (around 3-4 words) and invoke curiosity as to what comes next… but without being clickbaity.

I hate clickbait titles. Out of principle I don't click on them because I don't respect the practice. I think Nas does a great job with his video titles. They're accurate, concise, and give you just enough information about the subject matter to get you interested, but not so much that you don't need to watch the video. Let me give you a few examples:

  • Day 48: The Hardest Job in the World!
  • Day 73: They're Building The Future!
  • Day 194: When It Rains It Pours
  • Day 221: His Job Is Better Than Yours
  • Day 224: My Last Video…
  • Day 311: He Made $1,000,000 Traveling

Those are fantastic titles – they are quick to read and capture your attention. As you can probably tell from my blog and my videos, I'm not the most concise person. I also have a background in SEO which means I instinctively write “long tail titles”, so this one's a challenge for me – but I hope to improve my video titles over time.

#17 Not all videos will be as interesting as others.

I've set the bar high for my videos. If I tackle something new, I want to be the best, which is why I study and learn from the best. My goal is that each video I put out is better than the last one. But so far that hasn't happened. I've had a few swings and misses. My video on Comuna 13 got 13k views and my next video on Colombian New Years Traditions got 11k views, and I thought I was on a roll. “It can only go up from here,” I thought.. but I thought wrong. For my next video, I experimented with my first episode of How Much Does It Cost? – an international game show where I take you to different places around the world to shop, eat, and drink, and your job is to guess how much it costs. And this video got a grand total of… 1100 views! Swing and a miss.

The lesson to learn from Nas's 676+ videos in almost two years is that not all videos will be as interesting as others. It's okay to experiment and see what works and what doesn't. Otherwise how would you know? It's not your last video that defines you, it's your next one.

#18 At first it might feel like you're talking to no-one. Your community will grow over time.

This is a challenge for most people and I'm no exception. You put your heart and soul into a video, you go ham for like 2 weeks or longer putting out your best work and making amazing videos, and you only get a handful of views and likes. “WHERE IS EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK TODAY??” you ask yourself.

Always remember.. Rome wasn't built in a day – or whatever cliche quote you need to inspire yourself to keep on keeping on. If you look back at Nas's channel, some of his original videos to this day only have 15k views, and I'm sure he didn't get all those views within days of publishing them.

Can you imagine where he'd be if he quit after a month because it wasn't working? The 2.6 million views that Day 668: SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD?! recently got within a week of publishing probably felt like a distant dream on Day 10: I MADE IT TO 10 DAYS!, but it's a marathon not a sprint.


Nothing was stolen in the making of this video!In fact, I don't even think anyone steals here. It's insane…walking at midnight surrounded by shops worth thousands of dollars without any surveillance, watch dogs, or cameras! It's your centuries old system of TRUST! Right here in this community of Nubians in Egypt. Thank you Sherif for telling me about this, you and Gazef travel are killing it! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Be Epic by Premium Beat

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, February 5, 2018

#19 You'll never have it all quite figured out… even after 200 million views

As Nas says on Day 484: I FILMED NOTHING!, “I have no idea what we're doing.” Don't expect to have it all figured out ahead of time or at any point in the future. Plan what you can, adapt to what you can't, and take each day as it comes.


Nas, do you ever get sick?! Yes, and making videos in these days is 5 times harder! But it has to be done! ;)But seriously, I think it's important to talk more about the doubt in everyone's mind. If you have doubt about your next project, you're not alone! πŸ˜‰ No one is.LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram!!

Posted by Nas Daily on Saturday, August 5, 2017

#20 Don't do what you hate.

This has actually been a rule of mine since Day 1 of Travel is Life. It's the reason why I've never had 6 obtrusive banner ads in a 1000 word blog post or why I don't have 20 popups that bombard you as soon as you enter the site. BECAUSE I HATE THOSE THINGS!

There are certain marketing tactics I could employ on this site that would significantly boost my traffic and revenue, but I don't do those things because I hate them. And you know, the golden rule… Do unto others.

And I learned on Day 366: HOW I MAKE MONEY. that Nas has a similar philosophy.


MONEY! Growing up, people told me not to talk about Religion, Politics, and Money. That just made no sense to me. People spend 9 AM – 5 PM trying to make money, their whole lives trying to get to their heaven, and hours watching CNN/Fox News. And you're telling me we shouldn't talk about what makes up 90% of life? Religion and politics I've been pretty open about, so I wanted to be more open about money. A lot of people ask me this question and I've been waiting for the 1 year mark to show how, yes, you can make money without relying on that short-sighted Youtube ad-money argument (more videos later on how I think Youtube makes dreams for some, and kills them for most). Workshops, side jobs, consulting, and e-commerce are all ways to make money that don't require you to force your users to spend 10 seconds watching an ad for that 60 second video of yours. I hope this video answers some of these questions you had, but most importantly, I hope it helps anyone that's trying to start something new to actually go for it. I gave up a $120k job to make $44k, it's a lot in some way, and little in other ways. Other people probably make $44k a month, but money isn't the end goal. It's the sustainability of Nas Daily that I'm more concerned about. Maybe I'll make more than $120k next year. Who knows. I'll be open about that too when the time is right.I'm risking a lot of stuff by sharing this shit, but whatever. It is what I believe in. Hope it helps πŸ™‚ LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram for more money!

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, April 10, 2017

#21 How To Be A Travel Vlogger

Meanwhile, I've spent 3000 words and shared 23 videos to teach you what Nas can in just two minutes. Here's Day 381: How I Make Videos and Day 489: How To Vlog.


Today, I thought I'd share more of the process behind each video I make. App discussed in the video can be found at https://slide.ly/promo and all my gear links can be found in the comment section.When I first started Nas Daily, I wanted to be better at videos. Little did I know that after a few hundred days, I became better at storytelling instead. Making videos is exactly like telling stories, you just gotta find a good story. The rest is secondary. Thanks Tamar and Tom from Promo for helping me make this video. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram!

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This one goes out to everyone that has a camera.ALL YOU NEED IS ONE MINUTE! People think faster than you think. They get it. Fast. Even the young ones. So you don't need to spend 2 minutes telling me about your lunch. Not many people care. Just tell me you had it, and MOVE ON. I hope this video comes in handy for people who are about to start vlogging on Facebook because of the new Facebook Show program. And super happy to have been 489 days early to qualify for it. Patience pays off. Thanks Facebook.LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram!

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, August 10, 2017

#22 Hey Nas, what'd I miss?

Before publishing this article, I sent a sneak peak to Nas to review. First I wanted to make sure that he was okay with me publishing an article specifically about him. Secondly, I wanted to ask him the questions, “What'd I miss? What's a lesson you can teach us about vlogging or life that I haven't mentioned? And here's what he wrote back:

Wow this is amazing!

Bro I'm humbled you put so much effort into what I create. Thank you!!

I learned a thing or two from this!

I’d say what you missed is day 275. Check it out. It’s one of my favorite videos and it's certainly relevant to anyone that hopes to create.

Happy that Nas Daily has reached this point, but one thing to note is that you're never there. I've never quite reached my final destination, despite the millions of views πŸ™‚

Hope this helps and catch you on Facebook!


I took one Harvard Business School class and I only remember learning one thing. The rest I forgot. I made a video about it because it's now more important than ever for me….and probably for you too. In almost everything you build, you will have to cross the gap of loneliness before you reach the millions of people (the late adopters). For Nas Daily, that gap was a stretch of 100+ days of putting lots of effort for no tangible reward. Nas Daily gap was real (and expected). Luckily the recent explosion in my videos has pushed the page beyond that gap to reach the masses. But most projects die in that gap. You just gotta be crazy enough to keep on pushing forward. This is not meant to be inspirational, but I am sure a few people could use a reminder of this. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram and Snapchat too.

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, January 8, 2017

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