Episode 1: Il Forno in Medellín Colombia

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Welcome the first episode of the game show How Much Does It Cost? where I take you different places around the world to shop, eat, and drink – and your job is to guess how much it costs.

Today we are just outside of Laureles Park in an up-and-coming area of Medellín Columbia and I'll be taking you to one of my favorite restaurant in the city called Il Firno – a midscale Italian restaurant chain that's got a little something on the menu for everybody – from sandwiches and pasta to meat dishes and salads.

As for me, I'm ordering my favorite dish on the menu – the Obispo – a Sirloin Steak cooked medium rare drenched in teriyaki sauce – served with Carbonara Spaghetti and House Salad. But that's not all…

Check out this first episode above to see my complete lunch and then place your guess in the comments as to How Much Does It Cost?.

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How Much Does It Cost - Episode 1 - Il Forno - Medellin ColombiaHow Much Does It Cost - Episode 1 - Italian Restaurant  - Medellin Colombia


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