Is someone else living your life?

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Is someone else living YOUR life?

This is a video I made for folks who wish they could travel the world too, but the message applies to whatever your hopes, dreams, and aspirations are and whoever your heroes are.

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I created this video because I get tired of hearing that cliche motivational message that you can do anything you set your mind to and be just like your heroes with hard work and dedication – when those things are only part of the equation that lead to success. Saying that you're “the same” as someone else is an incomplete picture. I feel it's better to recognize that you're different so that you can best play the cards you were dealt, rather than pretend you've got all the same attributes, opportunities, and resources as someone else. The world wasn't built on an even playing field.

What do you think? Agree or disagree with this message?

Video Transcript

Do you ever feel like someone else is living your life?

You see their Facebook videos, giving TED Talks, appearing on TV, hosting seminars, traveling the world, changing the world, and you think, “Why isn't that me? That should be me!”

Do you know what the difference is between those people and you?


All they did was work harder than you.

(Record scratch)

Wait a minute! That's not true!

You are not the same as your heroes.

Many of them are smarter than you, more educated, come from wealthier families, had more opportunities, knew the right people, are more talented than you, or maybe just got lucky being in the right place at the right time.

Whatever the reason, they are DIFFERENT than you and hard work was only part of the equation that led to their success.

So why then do people keep telling you otherwise? They're doing you a disservice, and most likely just trying to sell you a book or a self help course.

You are better and worse than everyone else in different ways and you can't be exactly like them.

Play the cards you were dealt. Because even a shitty hand can make you a winner.

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