70+ Ideas To Improve Your Travel Blog

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Are you looking for ways to breathe new life into your travel blog? These 70+ ideas for daily tasks will make sure there's never a dull moment when it comes to sprucing up your online presence.

2020 was a tough year for the travel blogging community, and many travel bloggers felt that by the end of the year, they had lost their mojo. To help kick ourselves into gear for the new year, the Travel is Life Creators and I came up with a #MojoChallenge. The goal of this challenge was to help ourselves, and each other, build some positive momentum to start 2021.

During the challenge we came up with a list of tasks (some small and others big) that we could tackle each day. I'm publishing our list of ideas below so that you can pull inspiration from them when working on your own blog. Save this resource so that you can reference it in the future if you're ever lacking ideas about what to work on for the day.

If there's a resource that can help you with a particular task, I've linked to it. Some of the links lead to public resources within my Travel Creators Success Kit and others lead to our private resources within the Travel is Life Creators Facebook group — which you are welcome to join by applying here.

💡 70+ Ideas To Improve Your Travel Blog & Online Presence

  1. Update a 2020 guide for 2021
  2. Add a few affiliate links to a post
  3. Re-do the homepage meta-title and meta-description (FB Group)
  4. Review/update your About page
  5. Optimize a blog post for search
  6. Update your footer
  7. Publish a new blog post / destination guide / buyer guide / resource / video
  8. Create a content or social calendar
  9. Update a highly performing post
  10. Earn a backlink
  11. Collaborate with another blogger
  12. Host a collab post
  13. Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (FB Group)
  14. Start using a keyword tool to track your SEO
  15. Organize old photos to share in 2021
  16. Ask a question in our group that you've been putting off asking
  17. Reach out and connect with a potential direct sponsor
  18. Create a better e-mail sign up hook
  19. Make sure you're using link types properly
  20. Review/edit your auto e-mail sequence
  21. Start using a social media scheduling tool (FB Group)
  22. Delete/archive social profiles that you no longer use
  23. Update your social follow icons / links on our websites
  24. Make your blog multilingual
  25. Internally link blog posts together
  26. Work on your hierarchy system (tags, categories)
  27. Create a 1 minute video
  28. Spruce up your Amazon affiliate posts
  29. Post on your social profiles for the first time in 9 months as if nothing happened 😉
  30. Streamline your subscriptions and get rid of ones you're not using
  31. Start managing your affiliate links using a plugin
  32. Outline an idea for a product
  33. Adopt a new system of productivity(FB Group)
  34. Create a Facebook group around your niche
  35. Add a Patreon or Grow Your Coffee button to your site (FB Group)
  36. Join a new social network that you've put off joining
  37. Join some new affiliate programs that aren't Amazon
  38. Redesign your homepages
  39. Redesign your header
  40. Up your Instagram game
  41. Add sign-up forms or CTA in new places
  42. Update your Cover Images on social profiles
  43. Create an infographic (FB Group)
  44. Update your descriptions on social profiles
  45. Start a city niche site (FB Group)
  46. Create better Pinterest pins with Canva (FB Group)
  47. Start organizing your ideas / tasks with Airtable (FB Group)
  48. Join a few FB groups relevant to your niche (FB Group)
  49. Start or grow your newsletter
  50. Start using a cookie law plugin (FB Group)
  51. Create an FAQ post (FB Group)
  52. Monetize your FB pages / groups (or apply to)
  53. Switch to a better host
  54. Create a new system of organization (FB Group)
  55. Apply to an Ad Display network like Ezoic, MedaVine, Adsense, SheMedia
  56. Repurpose clips of your podcast into shareable videos
  57. Scan your website for broken links and update
  58. Pretend to cancel subscription service to get a better deal (FB Group)
  59. Check on dofollow links (to see if they still exist)
  60. Pitch a hotel / tour / activity / tourism board (FB Group)
  61. Up your Pinterest game
  62. Create an Instagram Guide (FB Group)
  63. Monetize your e-mail list (FB Group)
  64. Hire a VA
  65. Measure the speed of your site and look for ways to increase it
  66. Create a reusable block in Gutenberg (FB Group)
  67. Adopt a few new writing strategies (FB Group)
  68. Secure your blog with HTTPS
  69. Remove unused plugins
  70. Get structured with your business setup (FB Group)
  71. Promote another member's blog and spread good will
  72. Start selling your photography on microstock websites

If you've got any other ideas of daily tasks to add to this list, drop a comment below this post.

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