The Fruit Ladies of Cartagena

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Say Banana! 🍌 Join me in Cartagena, Colombia to meet the famous Fruit Ladies of the Walled City. I sat down with Beatriz and Juliana to learn more about the women behind fruit and the tireless work they do putting smiles on tourists' faces from sunrise to sunset each day. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

It's hard to escape Cartagena without posing for at least one photo with the fruit ladies.

Tourists Posting with the Fruit Ladies

Standing on almost every street corner within Cartagena's famed Walled City, these decorated coastal Colombian women have become a staple photo attraction for tourists seeking out a few authentically Colombian Instagrammable moments.

I wanted to learn more about the woman behind the fruit so I sat down with Beatriz and Juliana to hear their story.

Beatriz and Juliana

Beatriz and Juliana along with most the other fruit ladies of Cartagena are from a small coastal town called Palenque San Basilio Bolivar located a few hours southeast inland of Cartagena. All and all, there are about 100 fruit ladies working in the city.

Although the women work independently, or on small teams like Beatriz and Juliana, most come from the same community in Palenque.

The men and older generation of women typically work back home on farms cultivating rice, corn, as well as the fruit that they wear on their heads each day.

Taking a photo of the fruit ladies

Beatriz and Juliana start their work day at 7am in order to catch the earliest tourists who make their way into the Walled City each morning. They pose for photos with tourists from sunrise until sunset, earning their wages through voluntary tips one photo at a time.

It's a tireless and sometimes thankless job, but they don't mind doing it. The famous fruit ladies get to meet visitors from all over the world – of which about 50/50 are friendly Beatriz said.

Personally, I couldn't think of a better job. Taking photos with tourists all day sounds like a dream – for the right price of course. Unfortunately though, not ever tourist remembers to tip.

If you find yourself in Cartagena Colombia, be sure to grab a photo with Beatriz, Juliana, and the rest of the fruit ladies of Cartagena. They're sure to put a smile on your face, and occasionally a basket of fruit on your head.

Paul and the Fruit Ladies

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