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How do you take your coffee? ☕ Cream? Sugar? How about a little HEDGEHOG? 🦔 Join Ximena Restrepo in Taipei City, Taiwan at one of the world's first Hedgehog Cafes. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

As cat cafes take over the world, their place of origin, Taiwan, has long ago moved on. Taiwan now has an alpaca cafe, a car cafe, a lego cafe, and many, many others.

Hedgehog Cafes are the latest in the “animals-in-coffeeshops” trend, and that's one trend that Ximena can get on board with.

Ximena Restrepo Hedgehog Cafe

喝什麼 Ka Pi Cafe is located in Zhongshan district in Taiwan’s capital and cares for these little prickly ones carefully. They have three of them and they’ve been operating for three years.

At this cafe in Taipei, the hedgehogs spend most of their days sleeping and relaxing. Visitors can only come to play during a scheduled visit for a few hours a day to hold, pet, and bond with them under the supervision of the staff. The rest of the day, it's just a normal coffee shop (plus a few hedgehogs sleeping in cages).

Wendy Hedgehog Mom

During Ximena's visit, Wendy was the designated hedgehog mom in charge of teaching her how to hold her hedgehog and making sure both he and she were safe and comfortable. It's a day she will never forget!

What's the most unusual cafe you've ever visited?

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Hedgehog Cafe in Taipei City Taiwan


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