Hi Travelers – I'm Paul Drecksler and I believe that traveling is good for your soul and good for the world! My mission at TravelisLife.org is to create products, videos, and resources that have a big impact on travelers and a positive impact on our world.

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Ukuy: Amazonian Ants For Dinner

Join me in Napo, Ecuador to try a seasonal Amazonian delicacy known as “Ukuy” — or in other words BIG ASS ANTS! Learn where they come from, how they're harvested, and why locals gobble them up every chance they get.

The Smallest Church in America

The Smallest Church in America

At only 10 x 15 ft, with three rows of pews, this tiny church might only seat 12 attendees, but it was built to hold a whole lot of prayers.


Travelers all over the world love The Official World Traveler Tee by Travel is Life – and so will you! Click the button below to view my gallery of travelers wearing our official shirt and to get one for yourself.

Every home should have a world map on the wall, so why not a one of a kind map that you created? This world map coloring poster is fun for both kids and adults and will inspire hours of conversation about traveling the world.

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Jokes For Travelers 😂

Jokes For Travelers 😂

I love jokes! Nothing breaks the ice better than a great joke. These are a collection of my favorite jokes to tell other travelers.

Nomad Destinations


World Leader Quiz

World Leader Quiz

You should recognize the names of these national leaders from the news, but can you match each world leader to his or her country? Let's find out!

National Beer Quiz

National Beer Quiz

This quiz will put your brewskie skills to the test. See if you can match each national beer with its respective country.

Continents Quiz

Continents Quiz

There are seven continents in the world. Do you know which countries belong on each? Take this short quiz to find out your world traveler skill level.

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