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100k Jump Rope Challenge

I'm challenging YOU to the 100k Jump Rope Challenge. This insanely healthy and physically beneficial activity is one that you can do from anywhere in the world – so don't hesitate to start today!

Cerro Quitasol: One of the Highest Hiking Viewpoints in Medellín

Join me on a historic hike to the top of Cerro Quitasol, one of the highest viewpoints in Medellín Colombia, located north of the city. This hike reaches a peak of about 9200 feet (2800 meters) with an elevation gain of about 4100 feet (1200 meters) from the trailhead to the peak.

The Most Beautiful Stone House in the World

Join me at Casa Santiago y Gloria – a beautiful home in Envigado Colombia that was built stone by stone over the course of 32 years by a visionary man for the woman he loves most. This is a story about hard work, persistence, and true love.

The History of Tango in Colombia

Join me as I get local in Medellín at the Casa Gardeliana and Salón Málaga to explore the rich history of tango in Colombia and how it's forever linked to Medellín through the story of Carlos Gardel.

Skyroam vs TEP Wireless

Teppy by TEP Wireless vs Solis by Skyroam offer two popular options for International WiFi Hotspots. I've compared both devices and services to determine which mobile hotspot is best for traveling abroad.

Advanced SEO For Travel Blogs

Learn how to rank your travel blog on the first page on Google and other search engines with these advanced search engine optimization strategies. This SEO tutorial will teach you how to reach more visitors and drive more traffic with the same blog post.

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The World Map Coloring Poster

My mission was to create a gift that got people excited about world travel and to make something that families could spend time doing together and away from a screen.

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World Leader Quiz

You should recognize the names of these national leaders from the news, but can you match each world leader to his or her country? Let's find out!

National Beer Quiz

This quiz will put your brewskie skills to the test. See if you can match each national beer with its respective country.

Continents Quiz

There are seven continents in the world. Do you know which countries belong on each? Take this short quiz to find out your world traveler skill level.

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