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Travel Videos

This Professor #TRASHTAGS

Meet Drew Goff – a biology professor at UNC Charlotte who is using his sphere of influence to make a difference beyond the classroom by cleaning up local creeks and rivers with his students.

Dear Friend Who Doesn't Travel

You know those friends that you can't get to travel with you, no matter how many times you ask? This video is for them. Who do YOU want to travel with?


Travelers all over the world love The Official World Traveler Tee by Travel is Life – and so will you! Click the button below to view my gallery of travelers wearing our official shirt and to get one for yourself.

Every home should have a world map on the wall, so why not a one of a kind map that you created? This world map coloring poster is fun for both kids and adults and will inspire hours of conversation about traveling the world.

Buyer Guides

9 Best Outdoor Picnic & Beach Blankets

First I'll teach you what to look for in an outdoor blanket and then I'll help you choose one by showcasing the top outdoor blankets for sale on the market.

10 Best Sulfate Free Shampoos Bars

Are you looking for the best shampoo bar that's free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals, detergents, and fragrances? These are the best organic shampoo bars on the market.

Travel Resources

Where To Find Local Trash Cleanups

Are you looking to volunteer at a local river or trash cleanup in your city? This post shares 7 ways for you to find or host community cleanups near you.

Nomad Destinations


World Leader Quiz

You should recognize the names of these national leaders from the news, but can you match each world leader to his or her country? Let's find out!

National Beer Quiz

This quiz will put your brewskie skills to the test. See if you can match each national beer with its respective country.

Continents Quiz

There are seven continents in the world. Do you know which countries belong on each? Take this short quiz to find out your world traveler skill level.

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