Has the coronavirus changed your travel plans for 2020? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The coronavirus has everyone wondering, “What’s travel going to look like this year?”

Conferences, meetups, and tours around the world have canceled their events for Q2/Q3, and many non-business travelers have either postponed or canceled their personal travel plans for the year in preparation for the worst case scenario.

Is the coronavirus as serious of a threat as many media outlets are reporting? Or are travelers, businesses, and governments overreacting? Should you be canceling or changing your travel plans for 2020 too?

I asked a group of professional travel bloggers from the Travel is Life Creators community how the coronavirus has affected their travel plans for 2020 and here’s what they reported.

  • 60% of travel bloggers reported that they were making no change to their travel schedule this year as a result of the coronavirus. Of these trips, 68% are international and 32% domestic.
  • 28% of travel bloggers reported that they had already canceled some trips for 2020, mostly out of fear of being quarantined upon re-entry. Others mentioned health concerns as the primary reason for cancellation.
  • 12% of travel bloggers reported that their trips had been canceled due to circumstances beyond their control, mostly being that the conferences, tours, or events were canceled by the hosts.

Travel bloggers have their fingers on the pulse of international tourism and are able to offer us a global perspective into how big of an impact the corona virus is having on travel in 2020. This study was based on 38 responses from a group of 539 professional travel bloggers on Mar 6, 2020.

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Travel Blogger Coronavirus Study

Has the coronavirus affected your travel plans for 2020?

Join the conversation below in the comments section of this post and let us know how your travel plans have been affected by the coronavirus.


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