Parque Kennedy: The Ultimate Cat Lover’s Park in Lima Peru

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Join me in Parque John F. Kennedy in Lima Peru, affectionately known as CAT PARK! Located in the heart of Miraflores District, Parque Kennedy is home to hundreds of the most loved stray cats I've ever met. Local residents take care of these cats as a community with food, water, and a whole lot of love. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

I discovered Cat Park last year when I first spent time in Lima, but I didn't get the chance to make a video. So when I had the opportunity to return to Lima last week, I brought my camera down to Parque Kennedy and spent an afternoon filming cats for your enjoyment. (Okay, for my enjoyment too!)

Cat Park Lima Peru

As many of you know, I love cats! In the video I mention a book that I co-authored a few years ago called Crazy Cat Owner which is a book that showcases the hilarious characteristics of cat owners who take “pet parenthood” to a new level. It's part of our Funterventions series. (We've got a Crazy Dog Owner book too.)

Check out Parque Kennedy next time you're in Lima Peru. It's not quite Aoshima, Japan (aka: Cat Island), but there are certainly enough cats in this park to satisfy any cat lover. Although I definitely plan on checking out Cat Island when I'm in Japan.

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Cat Park - Parque Kennedy in Miraflores Lima PeruCat Park - Parque Kennedy in Miraflores Lima PeruCat Park - Parque Kennedy in Miraflores Lima Peru


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