5 Incredible People Who Are Making The World A Better Place

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These are 5 people who are doing their part to make our world a better place. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

I had the privilege of meeting these folks during my travels and learning about their work. Watch their full videos via the links below.

#1 & #2) Alex & Diana

Alex and Diana - Cafe Mosaico

Cafe owners in Quito Ecuador who foster dogs and cats out of Cafe Mosaico and raise money for animals in need via their organization Mican. Since starting the project 4 years ago, they've found homes for over 100 dogs and cats, not counting the 13 dogs and 4 cats that they personally take care of.

📸 FULL VIDEO: Coffee, Tea, Puppy?

#3) Alfredo Santa Cruz

Alfredo Santa Cruz - La Casas de Botellas

The designer and architect of La Casa Ecologica De Botellas in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina – which is home that he made entirely out of thousands of recycled plastic bottles and tetra-pack cartons. He now helps other builders around the world learn his process and replicate it in their own communities.

📸 FULL VIDEO: The House Made Of Bottles

#4) Bryan Avery

Bryan Avery - The Shaw Halfway House

A historian in North Carolina who single handedly raised $135,000 via his project Save the Shaw Halfway House to save a historic home from being demolished by developers. He used the money to buy the property and the adjacent house, which he turned into The Harnett History Center.

📸 FULL VIDEO: The House That Won't Die

#5) Rafael Wild

Rafael Wild - La Casa de Rafa

The owner of La casa de Rafa – a restaurant in Quito Ecuador where you can eat in complete darkness, underground, in a cave, served by blind waiters. The restaurant is part of his mission to provide jobs for the blind and increase awareness of their daily struggles.

📸 FULL VIDEO: La Casa de Rafa

What incredible people do you know?

Drop a comment below this video and tell me about someone who you think I should feature in a future Travel is Life video who is doing their part to make our world a better place.

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5 Incredible People Who Are Making The World A Better Place5 Incredible People Who Are Making The World A Better Place5 Incredible People Who Are Making The World A Better Place


  1. Bonnie Truax

    Next time you are in Quito Ecuador I have an amazing person for you to meet. His name is Boris, he started living on the streets at age 11 dumpster diving for food and doing street performances to survive. He now lives in a home with a beautiful family and runs a fountain for underage girls rescued from human trafficking. He has a dynamic personality.

    I loved this video. These are the kind of people who should be in the media and honored

    • Paul @ Travel is Life

      Interesting. I have a friend named Suzanna who does similar, who I met in Quito. I wonder if they work together. I’ll definitely be back in Quito… just a matter of time.


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