Asheville: The Greatest City in the USA

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I'm from Asheville North Carolina – the greatest city in the USA! I've been telling people this for so many years that I decided on my last visit home that it was time to put a video where my mouth is. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

I grew up in Asheville back in the late 80s / early 90s and despite all the places I've lived, it's the only city I've ever called home. However, it sure has changed since then! Everytime I go home to visit my family and friends once or twice a year, the city has changed a little more. Even though it's grown like crazy, there's still something special about our city that I've never experienced elsewhere in all the places I've traveled.

The original plan was to team up with the Asheville Board of Tourism and create a video showcasing all the amazing reasons to visit Asheville, but that plan quickly fell apart when I started shooting the video. This isn't some random town — it's my hometown. And I'm not some random travel company — I'm an Asheville native traveler. So I wanted to reflect that and not make some typical video that you could find on any travel channel. After all, you only get one hometown. The final video injects our laid back attitude and lifestyle with a sarcastic twist on tourism. I hope you like it!

Video Transcript

PAUL (NARRATING): Wherever I travel I get the same question…

TRAVELER: “Hey Bro, where ya from?”

PAUL (NARRATING): So I give the same answer…

PAUL: “I'm from Asheville – it's the greatest city in the USA!”

PAUL (NARRATING): And then they ask me…

TRAVELER: “Oh yeah? Why's that?”

PAUL (NARRATING): Which is why I decided to put a video where my mouth is…

TITLE: Asheville: The Greatest City in the USA

I was going to talk about our amazing downtown that's filled with hundreds of locally owned shops and galleries.

And our crazy beer scene with over 80 breweries within 20 miles of Asheville.

Then I was going to talk about our incredible restaurants, art galleries, music scene, and parks. And how we're known for our talented buskers and street performers. I'd be remiss not to mention our world famous attractions which bring people here like The Biltmore Estate, Grove Park Inn, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

PAUL: But I changed my mind, and I'm not going to talk about any of that! In fact, I'm not going to make that video at all.

Because we're Ashevillians and we've got nothing to prove to anyone. We don't really care if you love Asheville or not .

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

PAUL: And frankly, the traffic would be a lot better if you stopped coming!

So thanks for watching. And if you don't think that Asheville is the greatest city in the USA, well, we don't really give a *****.


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