Travelers with cats have their own specific set of challenges that only other cat owners can relate to. Here are a few gift ideas that will make their lives a little easier. Or if they've got dogs, see our 21 Gifts For Dog Owners Who Travel.

For The Home: Cat Gifts for Travelers

Since cats don't always want to take the trip with you, and your friends and family aren’t available for every feeding, these items can help with the imperfect timing that comes with traveling and pet ownership.

Self Cleaning Kitty Litter Box (See Price)

Go weeks at a time with no scooping, cleaning, or refilling. This self cleaning litter box is top of every cat owners wishlist. Whether traveling or not, never come home to a smelly house and a hot mess in your kitty litter box again.

Self Cleaning Kitty Litter Box
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Automatic Cat Feeder (See Price)

Some cats would eat a whole week of meals in one sitting if you left it out for them, so here's a solution for dishing out portions remotely. You can automate your cat's feeding schedule all the time or just when you travel using their app.

Automatic Cat Feeder for Traveling Cat Owners

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Cat Nanny Cam / Laser Toy: The Petcube (See Price)

Check-in on your cats while you're away with this combination video nanny cam and interactive laser toy. Exercise with your cat live or set the laser to a schedule. You can even capture and share photos and videos straight from the device.

Cat Nanny Cam The Petcube
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Cat Treat Remote Dispenser (See Price)

When you're finished playing laser tag with your cat, you can give it a treat remotely with this cat treat remote dispenser. And guess what? It's got video too so you can watch your cat eat the treat if you're into that sort of thing.

Remote Cat Treat Dispenser & Video Intercom

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World Map Cat Area Rug (See Price)

Love world maps? Love cats? Then it goes without saying that you'll love this World Map Cat Area Rug. It's a conversation piece if nothing else and the most literal way you could express your love for both cats and world travel.

World Map Cat Area Rug

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Kitty Penthouse Window Perch (See Price)

If you're leaving your cat home for the weekend, at least give her a spot with a view to wait for you. This kitty penthouse window perch connects to your window via suction cups and is strong enough to hold multiple cats.

Kitty Penthouse Window Perch

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Cat Exercise Wheel (See Price)

If waiting around for you to come home isn't your cat's style, give them this cat exercise wheel to fill their days while you're away.

Cat Exercise Wheel For Traveling Cat Owners
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Getting To And From: Travel Gifts For Cat Owners

For all the times when you do travel with your cat, these gifts will help make getting to and from destinations easier.

Airline Approved Cat Travel Carrier (See Price)

Traveling by plane with your cat? Here's a lightweight and streamlined cat carrying case with plenty of ventilation and side windows for your cat to see out of.

Airline Cat Travel Carrier

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Expandable Cat Carrier (See Price)

If that's not enough room for your cat, try this expandable cat carrier for a little more legroom during the layover.

Expandable Cat Travel Carrier
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Cat Car Booster Seat (See Price)

Transport your cat to and from the car in this cat carrier that turns into the perfect cat car booster seat.

Cat Car Booster Seat and Bag
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Poof Bean Activity Tracker (See Price

This super small cat GPS collar weighs only 0.12 oz and lasts up to 60 days on a single charge. Track your cat from anywhere in the world via your phone app. It beats hanging posters around the neighborhood.

Cat GPS Collar
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Cat Harness & Leash (See Price)

If you'd rather not keep your cat tucked away inside a travel carrier throughout the whole trip, try this cat harness & leash. At almost 4 meters in length, your cat can enjoy their surroundings but still be contained to the perimeter around you.

Cat Harness and Leash

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Car Tunnel Tubes for Your Backseat (See Price)

If a booster seat isn't roomy enough for your cat on road trips, you can turn your whole backseat into a play area with this cat tunnel tube. They might not hate car rides as much anymore.

Car Cat Tube Tunnel
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Backpack with Cat Window (See Price)

If you travel around town with your cat and want to give them a better view from your carrier, try this backpack with cat window and create a whole new safe and exciting travel experience for your scaredy cat.

Backpack with Cat Window
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Collapsible Food & Water Bowls (See Price)

Don't take up too much space with food and water dishes with these collapsible pet food bowls that are durable, light, and easy to pack and carry. Click the photo below to see these bowls in action and discover how small they fold up.

Portable Food and Water Dishes
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Fresh Drinking Water Dispenser (See Price)

Always have fresh drinking water for your cat with this fresh water dispenser with built-in carbon filter. Now your cat will have fresh water forever, and not just when you remember to change the bowl.

Cat Fresh Water Dispenser
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Once You're There

Traveling is only half the battle with cats. Once your cat is in a new temporary residence, it's comforting to provide a few memories from home, as long as they're easy to pack and carry.

Portable Cat Scratching Post (See Price)

This is a collapsible and portable cardboard cat lounger and scratching post that you can fold up and take with you on your next trip after it becomes your cat's favorite post. Because we all know that cardboard always wins with cats.

Portable Cat Scratching Post
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Under-Chair Cat Hammock (See Price)

Take your cat's favorite chair with you wherever you go once they fall in love with this cat hammock. Install it under a chair or in a cage and your cat will be living the hammock life from anywhere in the world.

Cat Hammock
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Portable Cat Condo Towers (See Price)

If that hammock isn't enough for you cat, you can upgrade to this 5-story portable cat condo that collapses into a 13 pound carrier bag.

Portable Cat Condo Tower
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Collapsible Cat Tunnel Tube (See Price)

And when your cat crawls out of her skyscraper condo, she can crawl safely into this collapsible cat tunnel. With these last two gifts, you're becoming quite the story for your next Airbnb hosts.

Collapsible Cat Tunnel
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Cat Carrier and Mini Condo (See Price)

For the less ostentatious who don't travel with hammocks, 5 story cat condos, or collapsible tunnels, this classic cat carrier and mini-condo is a more traditional choice that'll travel easy and keep your cat happy.

Cat Carrier and Condo
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Another Great Gift For Cat Owners

If you’re in the market for a unique gift for a cat owner, here’s one other gift I’d like to show you, whether they travel or not. It’s a book I co-authored called Crazy Cat Owner by Funterventions.

Crazy Cat Owner Book (See Inside)

Crazy Cat Owner showcases the hilarious characteristics of cat owners who take “pet parenthood” to a new (and sometimes crazy) level! The book begins with an introduction to the reader that their friends and family are concerned that the reader is displaying warning signs of being a crazy cat owner. The intro is followed by 50 humorous warning signs that anyone with a cat will relate to. This book makes the perfect gift for your friends and family who absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their cats (maybe TOO much).

Crazy Cat Owner by Funterventions

And that concludes my list of items that will make the lives of traveling cat owners a little easier. If there’s anything I missed that you and your cat use when you travel together, drop me a comment below with the link or e-mail me.

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