Mirador Indichuris & Ecuador’s Most Epic Views

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Join me at Mirador Indichuris in Puyo, Ecuador — one of the most spectacular views in Ecuador. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

If there's one thing all travelers can appreciate, it's an EPIC VIEW. And Ecuador offers no shortage of them.

From Ecuador's lagoons including Quilotoa, La Mica, and the over 165 lagoons found in El Cajas National Park…

Quilotoa Lagoon Ecuador

Quilotoa Lagoon, Ecuador

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La Mica Lagoon Ecuador

La Mica Lagoon, Ecuador

Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park, Ecuador

To the historic centers of Quito and Cuenca…

Quito Ecuador

Historic Center, Quito, Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador

Historic Center, Cuenca, Ecuador

To the beaches of Ecuador's more than 2000 kilometer coastline…

Esmeraldas Ecuador

Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Salinas Ecuador

Salinas, Ecuador

Manta Ecuador

Manta, Ecuador

To the Andes mountains of Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, and Pichincha…

Volcán Tungurahua, Ecuador

Volcán Tungurahua, Ecuador

Volcán Pichincha, Ecuador

Volcán Pichincha, Ecuador

Baños Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador

All the way to the sprawling Amazon Rainforest in Napo, Sucumbíos, and Pastaza…

Archidona Ecuador

Pueblo near Archidona Ecuador

Tena, Ecuador

Tena, Ecuador

Which is where we're headed today, deep into the Amazon jungle about an hour outside of Puyo to one of the regions most epic viewpoints.

Sun Carvings at Indichuris, Ecuador

Sun Carvings at Indichuris, Ecuador

Bienvenido a Mirador Indichuris — a 1000 meter high view point with Ecuador's most spectacular view of where Puyo and Pastaza rivers converge — which in geography is called a confluence.

Puyo and Pastaza Rivers Converge at Indichuris

Puyo and Pastaza Rivers Converge at Indichuris

The viewpoint is brought to you by the Indichuris community — which roughly translates to “Sun's Children”.

The Indichuris are one of the last aboriginal communities from the equatorial Amazon that plan to stay in the area.

Indichuris Community Ecuador

Indichuris Community Ecuador | 📷 Source

The Indichuris come from a long line of shamans, who for generations healed by giving medicinal plants from the jungle like Ayahuasca and Wando which you might be familiar with.

Today, there is only one Shaman left named Jorge Vargas who protects their culture.

The Indichuris are embracing tourism — through this mirador and the experience they're building around it.

Indichuris Mirador Viewpoint

Indichuris Mirador Viewpoint

We explored the small caverns at Indichuris…

Caverns at Indichuris

Caverns at Indichuris

We climbed the mountain, and like the other tourists who come from all over Ecuador and South America to visit Indichuris, we enjoyed the view at the top.

Everyone waited patiently in line to walk the plank and get that money shot — us included.

View from the top of Indichuris

View from the top of Indichuris

While you wait, you can relax in the hammocks and enjoy the view.

Hammocks at Indichuris

Hammocks at Indichuris

If you're feeling adventurous, you can get on the swing and see the view from even higher.

Ecuador loves their swings, as you might remember from my video about The Swing At The End of the World a couple years ago.

Swing at Indichuris

Swing at Indichuris

📍 How To Get To Mirador Indichuris, Puyo Ecuador

Indichuris is located about 45 minutes southeast of Puyo and is easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi. Take Highway 45 south from Puyo for 16 kilometers, then turn right (sign says “Nuevo Mundo” and points to the right), onto a road that leads to the mirador and drive for another 13.5 kilometers. The mirador will be on your left.

It's hard to miss and there will be a sign from the highway pointing you towards Indichuris, however, start paying attention around 15km from Puyo or you could easily drive past it. Once you turn onto the second road, you won't miss it. If, however, you accidentally drive too far down the second road past Indichuris, you'll reach the end of the road at the Pastaza River and won't b e able to drive any farther. So just turn around and you're only a few minutes away.

📷 Have you been to Indichuris? Did you get that EPIC photo?

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