Museo del Agua EPM (Water Museum)

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Ready to get excited about WATER? 💦 Join me in the Museo del Agua EPM​ (Water Museum) in Medellin Colombia on an interactive journey through our planet's most important element.

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Video Transcript

I love you so much water.. delicious, rehydrating, incredible water. I couldn't imagine life without you.

It might be the most important element on the planet, but is it the most interesting?

Well the Museo del Agua EPM in Medellín Colombia hopes to make it a little more interesting for you with an interactive museum that is completely dedicated to none other than WATER.

The Water Museum provides an educational tour to over 1000 visitors a day through 22 rooms spread over four buildings. Each room is filled with interactive technology that explains the physical principles of water, energy, our planet.

The museum features big screens, interactive elements, and some impressive effects to make what some might consider to be a washed out subject a little more engaging, especially for children.

The tour begins with a tunnel that takes you through the evolution of life on earth from the earliest forms to the rise of the early Homo sapiens.

Next make your way through room sized replicas of the various climates of Colombia and learn how water affects each one, from the plains of the llano to the troplical jungle, and from the high altitude paramo to the deserts of La Guajira.

Each small room recreates an ecosystem through sights, sounds, and even climate which you can actually feel the hotter temperatures through heat lamps and colder areas via air conditioning vents.

But before you get there, don't forget to stop in the bubble room for some good old fashioned fun with soap and water.

Later in the tour, the museum becomes more localized and goes into detail about where Medellin's water comes from when you turn on the tap and how that differs from other places around the world.

The final exhibits takes us global again and addresses the importance of conservation and an environmentally sound approach to managing our water and natural resources. It does this by showcasing the waste that we all generate on average.

Water is something that many of us take for granted. You just turn the faucet and there it is. But water is the most powerful force on earth, from its vital importance to all living creatures to its ability to shape the very surface of our planet.

Are you ready to get excited about WATER?

The Museo del Agua is located within the Parque de los Pies Descalzos and is funded by Empresas Públicas de Medellín, which is the local public utility company. The entrance fee is free for local residents from lower income neighborhoods and only 6000 pesos, or about $3, for everyone else. Heads up though, like most museums in Medellin, the tour is completely in Spanish so better brush up before you come, or bring a bilingual friend to help you make sense of it all.

It is refreshing to see a museum dedicated to this important part of our life. But at the end of it, you're most likely going to be thirsty, have to use the bathroom, or both!

Museo del Aqua EPM - Water Museum - Medellin Colombia Museo del Aqua EPM - Water Museum - Medellin Colombia


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