I created a Facebook Cover Image template for Photoshop that you can download for free as a PSD or JPG.

I recently created a Facebook Cover Image for my new website Internet Crash Courses, and I noticed later that the text on my first draft got cut off on mobile. The image worked for desktop but not for mobile. See what I mean below:

Before and After on Mobile

This was the original cover photo:

Internet Crash Courses Cover Photo

And this is the new one:

Internet Crash Courses New Cover Photo

I ended up replacing the image and changing the verbiage a little bit as you can tell, but the most important thing was discovering the left and right margins. With this template I created, you can position your image and text accordingly so that the important elements appear on both mobile and desktop.

Here's the template:

Facebook Cover Photo Image Template

Download free as a PSD or JPG.

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